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Titel (primär) Science for action at the local landscape scale
Autor Opdam, P.; Nassauer, J.I.; Wang, Z.; Albert, C.; Bentrup, G.; Castella, J.-C.; McAlpine, C.; Liu, J.; Sheppard, S.; Swaffield, S.;
Journal / Serie Landscape Ecology
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department UPOL;
Band/Volume 28
Heft 8
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T12;
Keywords Community-based landscape planning; Cross-disciplinary synthesis; Capacity building; Science–practice interface; Sustainability; Transdisciplinary science
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For landscape ecology to produce knowledge relevant to society, it must include considerations of human culture and behavior, extending beyond the natural sciences to synthesize with many other disciplines. Furthermore, it needs to be able to support landscape change processes which increasingly take the shape of deliberative and collaborative decision making by local stakeholder groups. Landscape ecology as described by Wu (Landscape Ecol 28:1–11, 2013) therefore needs three additional topics of investigation: (1) the local landscape as a boundary object that builds communication among disciplines and between science and local communities, (2) iterative and collaborative methods for generating transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable change, and (3) the effect of scientific knowledge and tools on local landscape policy and landscape change. Collectively, these topics could empower landscape ecology to be a science for action at the local scale.

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Opdam, P., Nassauer, J.I., Wang, Z., Albert, C., Bentrup, G., Castella, J.-C., McAlpine, C., Liu, J., Sheppard, S., Swaffield, S. (2013):
Science for action at the local landscape scale
Landsc. Ecol. 28 (8), 1439 - 1445