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DOI 10.1177/0734242X13499810
Titel (primär) Life cycle comparison of waste-to-energy alternatives for municipal waste treatment in Chilean Patagonia
Autor Bezama, A.; Douglas, C.; Méndez, J.; Szarka, N.; Muñoz, E.; Navia, R.; Schock, S.; Konrad, O.; Ulloa, C.
Quelle Waste Management & Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Band/Volume 31
Heft 10 (Suppl.)
Seite von 67
Seite bis 74
Sprache englisch
Keywords MSW management; life cycle assessment; waste-to-energy alternatives; Coyhaique; Patagonia
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Abstract The energy system in the Region of Aysén, Chile, is characterized by a strong dependence on fossil fuels, which account for up to 51% of the installed capacity. Although the implementation of waste-to-energy concepts in municipal waste management systems could support the establishment of a more fossil-independent energy system for the region, previous studies have concluded that energy recovery systems are not suitable from an economic perspective in Chile. Therefore, this work intends to evaluate these technical options from an environmental perspective, using life cycle assessment as a tool for a comparative analysis, considering Coyhaique city as a case study. Three technical alternatives were evaluated: (i) landfill gas recovery and flaring without energy recovery; (ii) landfill gas recovery and energy use; and (iii) the implementation of an anaerobic digestion system for the organic waste fraction coupled with energy recovery from the biogas produced. Mass and energy balances of the three analyzed alternatives have been modeled. The comparative LCA considered global warming potential, abiotic depletion and ozone layer depletion as impact categories, as well as required raw energy and produced energy as comparative regional-specific indicators. According to the results, the use of the recovered landfill gas as an energy source can be identified as the most environmentally appropriate solution for Coyhaique, especially when taking into consideration the global impact categories.
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Bezama, A., Douglas, C., Méndez, J., Szarka, N., Muñoz, E., Navia, R., Schock, S., Konrad, O., Ulloa, C. (2013):
Life cycle comparison of waste-to-energy alternatives for municipal waste treatment in Chilean Patagonia
Waste Manage. Res. 31 (10 (Suppl.)), 67 - 74 10.1177/0734242X13499810