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Titel (primär) Thermobaric stratification in very deep Norwegian freshwater lakes
Autor Boehrer, B.; Golmen, L.; Løvik, J.E.; Rahn, K.; Klaveness, D.;
Journal / Serie Journal of Great Lakes Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department SEEFO;
Band/Volume 39
Heft 4
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T32;
Keywords Deep lakes; Thermobaricity; Density; Temperature of maximum density
UFZ Querschnittsthemen RU2;
Abstract Thermobaric stratification was investigated in very deep lakes of elongated shape. We considered the spring time configuration when large freshwater lakes may have their deepest recirculation. In five very deep freshwater lakes in Norway, profiles were measured in spring 2006 with multiparameter probes. Temperature profiles confirmed thermobaric stratification in all of these lakes, i.e. the temperature profiles crossed the 4 °C line and thus were affected by pressure effects on the temperature of maximum density. Electrical conductance was low in all of the investigated lakes, and vertical gradients were too small to play a role in the density stratification. In all lakes, deep water was well supplied with oxygen. Three out of five lakes showed a temperature gradient close to Eklund's stability theorem. However, the remaining two lakes clearly opposed the theorem. Bottom temperatures were more closely related to lake length than their maximum depths. Oxygen saturation profiles documented recent intensive gas exchange with the atmosphere. They agree well with the possible formation of deep water from density driven flows at horizontal temperature gradients close to 4 °C.
ID 14044
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Boehrer, B., Golmen, L., Løvik, J.E., Rahn, K., Klaveness, D. (2013):
Thermobaric stratification in very deep Norwegian freshwater lakes
J. Gt. Lakes Res. 39 (4), 690 - 695