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DOI 10.1007/s12665-013-2370-7
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Titel (primär) TEODOOR - a distributed geodata infrastructure for terrestrial observation data
Autor Kunkel, R.; Sorg, J.; Eckardt, R.; Kolditz, O. ORCID logo ; Rink, K.; Vereecken, H.
Quelle Environmental Earth Sciences
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department ENVINF
Band/Volume 69
Heft 2
Seite von 507
Seite bis 521
Sprache englisch
Keywords Terrestrial observatories; Monitoring; Sensor web; Spatial data infrastructure; OGC web services
UFZ Querschnittsthemen TERENO; RU5;
Abstract Within the TERENO initiative, four terrestrial observatories, collecting huge amounts of environmental data, are being set up since 2008. To manage, describe, exchange and publish these data, the distributed Spatial Data Infrastructure TEODOOR ( was created. Each institution responsible for an individual observatory sets up its own local data infrastructure, which may communicate with each other to exchange data and metadata internally or to the public by OGC compliant Web services. The TEODOOR data portal serves as a database node to provide scientists and decision makers with reliable and well-accessible data and data products. Various tools like hierarchical search or Web-GIS functions allow a deeper insight into the different observatories, test sites and sensor networks. Sensor data can be queried and selected for measured parameters, stations and/or time periods, and can be visualized and downloaded according to a shared TERENO data policy. Currently, TEODOOR provides free access to data from more than 500 monitoring stations.
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Kunkel, R., Sorg, J., Eckardt, R., Kolditz, O., Rink, K., Vereecken, H. (2013):
TEODOOR - a distributed geodata infrastructure for terrestrial observation data
Environ. Earth Sci. 69 (2), 507 - 521 10.1007/s12665-013-2370-7