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Titel (primär) Luminescence properties of Ce3+-doped NaPrP4O12 polyphosphate
Autor Shalapska, T.; Stryganyuk, G.; Gektin, A.; Kotlov, A.; Demchenko, P.; Voloshinovskii, A.;
Journal / Serie Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department ISOBIO;
Band/Volume 25
Heft 10
Sprache englisch;
POF III (gesamt) T49;
UFZ Querschnittsthemen RU3;

Studies on the crystal structure and luminescence properties have been performed for the NaPr1−xCexP4O12 polyphosphate series. Excitation and emission spectra of Pr3+ and Ce3+ luminescence from NaPrP4O12:Ce3+ clearly reveal an efficient Pr3+  → Ce3+ energy transfer via migration over the Pr3+-sub-lattice and a nonradiative resonant transfer to the Ce3+ ions. Analysis on scintillation characteristics of the NaPr1−xCexP4O12 series shows a maximum light yield of 11 000 ± 1000 ph MeV−1 for NaPr0.99Ce0.01P4O12, proving the studied polyphosphates to be promising for application in the detection of x-ray and gamma quanta.

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Shalapska, T., Stryganyuk, G., Gektin, A., Kotlov, A., Demchenko, P., Voloshinovskii, A. (2013):
Luminescence properties of Ce3+-doped NaPrP4O12 polyphosphate
J. Phys.-Condens. Matter 25 (10), art. 105403