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DOI 10.1111/avsc.12022
Titel (primär) Local trait organization established
Autor Kühn, I. ORCID logo
Journal / Serie Applied Vegetation Science
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Department BZF
Band/Volume 16
Heft 2
Seite von 171
Seite bis 172
Sprache englisch
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Abstract Traditionally, ecological theory on community assembly and Applied Vegetation Science are considered distinct. Fischer et al. (this issue of Applied Vegetation Science), however, show neatly how differences in trait composition between resident and colonizing species could be established. By using an environmental context-specific approach, the analysis bridges the gap between application and more theoretical understanding of vegetation ecology.
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Kühn, I. (2013):
Local trait organization established
Appl. Veg. Sci. 16 (2), 171 - 172