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DOI 10.1016/j.envpol.2007.05.033
Titel (primär) Mass fluxes and spatial trends of xenobiotics in the waters of the city of Halle, Germany
Autor Reinstorf, F.; Strauch, G.; Schirmer, K.; Gläser, H.-R.; Möder, M.; Wennrich, R.; Osenbrück, K.; Schirmer, M.
Journal / Serie Environmental Pollution
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
Department ANA; ZELLTOX; HDG
Band/Volume 152
Heft 2
Seite von 452
Seite bis 460
Sprache englisch
Keywords Urban mass fluxes; Pharmaceuticals; Fragrances; Endocrine disruptors; Mass balance
Abstract The behaviour and the effects of xenobiotics including pharmaceuticals and fragrances in the environment are widely unknown. In order to improve our knowledge, field investigations and modelling approaches for the entire area of the city of Halle/Saale, Germany, were performed. The distribution of the concentration values and mass fluxes are exemplified using indicators such as Bisphenol A, t-Nonylphenol, Carbamacepine, Galaxolide, Tonalide, Gadolinium and isotopes. Concentrations at a magnitude of ng/L to µg/L were found ubiquitously in the ground and surface waters. Using the concentration values, the impact of the city concerning the indicators was not always evident. Only the assessment of the mass fluxes shows significant urban impacts along the city passage. The calculation of the mass fluxes shows increasing values for all investigated xenobiotics during the city passage; only Bisphenol A stagnates. A balance model of water and indicator mass fluxes was built up for the entire city area. Xenobiotics are ubiquitous in the investigated urban aquatic system and are quantified by a large scale mass balance to find spatial trends.
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Reinstorf, F., Strauch, G., Schirmer, K., Gläser, H.-R., Möder, M., Wennrich, R., Osenbrück, K., Schirmer, M. (2008):
Mass fluxes and spatial trends of xenobiotics in the waters of the city of Halle, Germany
Environ. Pollut. 152 (2), 452 - 460