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DOI 10.1155/2012/415697
Titel (primär) Capture-SELEX: selection of DNA aptamers for aminoglycoside antibiotics
Autor Stoltenburg, R.; Nikolaus, N.; Strehlitz, B.
Quelle Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Department UBZ
Band/Volume 2012
Seite von article ID 415697
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Abstract Small organic molecules are challenging targets for an aptamer selection using the SELEX technology (SELEX—Systematic Evolution of Ligans by EXponential enrichment). Often they are not suitable for immobilization on solid surfaces, which is a common procedure in known aptamer selection methods. The Capture-SELEX procedure allows the selection of DNA aptamers for solute targets. A special SELEX library was constructed with the aim to immobilize this library on magnetic beads or other surfaces. For this purpose a docking sequence was incorporated into the random region of the library enabling hybridization to a complementary oligo fixed on magnetic beads. Oligonucleotides of the library which exhibit high affinity to the target and a secondary structure fitting to the target are released from the beads for binding to the target during the aptamer selection process. The oligonucleotides of these binding complexes were amplified, purified, and immobilized via the docking sequence to the magnetic beads as the starting point of the following selection round. Based on this Capture-SELEX procedure, the successful DNA aptamer selection for the aminoglycoside antibiotic kanamycin A as a small molecule target is described.

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Stoltenburg, R., Nikolaus, N., Strehlitz, B. (2012):
Capture-SELEX: selection of DNA aptamers for aminoglycoside antibiotics
J. Anal. Methods Chem. 2012 , article ID 415697 10.1155/2012/415697