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Titel (primär) Evidence for methane production by saprotrophic fungi
Autor Lenhart, K.; Bunge, M.; Ratering, S.; Neu, T.R.; Schüttmann, I.; Greule, M.; Kammann, C.; Schnell, S.; Müller, C.; Zorn, H.; Keppler, F.;
Journal / Serie Nature Communications
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Department FLOEK;
Band/Volume 2
Seite von art. 1046
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Methane in the biosphere is mainly produced by prokaryotic methanogenic archaea, biomass burning, coal and oil extraction, and to a lesser extent by eukaryotic plants. Here we demonstrate that saprotrophic fungi produce methane without the involvement of methanogenic archaea. Fluorescence in situ hybridization, confocal laser-scanning microscopy and quantitative real-time PCR confirm no contribution from microbial contamination or endosymbionts. Our results suggest a common methane formation pathway in fungal cells under aerobic conditions and thus identify fungi as another source of methane in the environment. Stable carbon isotope labelling experiments reveal methionine as a precursor of methane in fungi. These findings of an aerobic fungus-derived methane formation pathway open another avenue in methane research and will further assist with current efforts in the identification of the processes involved and their ecological implications.

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Lenhart, K., Bunge, M., Ratering, S., Neu, T.R., Schüttmann, I., Greule, M., Kammann, C., Schnell, S., Müller, C., Zorn, H., Keppler, F. (2012):
Evidence for methane production by saprotrophic fungi
Nat. Commun. 2 , art. 1046