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Titel (primär) Combined serum proteomic and metabonomic profiling after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in children and adolescents
Autor Oberbach, A.; von Bergen, M.; Blueher, S.; Lehmann, S.; Till, H.;
Journal / Serie Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Department PROTEOM;
Band/Volume 22
Heft 2
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Aim: The consequences of bariatric surgery on important metabolic and signaling pathways are still poorly understood. The aim of our study was to unravel the network of metabolic changes and obesity-related protein biomarkers in morbidly obese children and adolescents undergoing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG).

Methods: In a prospective study, 6 children with morbid obesity who had failed a well-established conservative weight loss therapy underwent LSG. Pre- and 6 months postoperatively, a metabonomic profiling of 163 metabolites by mass spectrometry and protein profiling by ELISA (clusterin [CLU], pigment epithelium-derived factor [PEDF], retinol binding protein 4 [RBP4], paraoxonase 1 [PON1]) was performed to identify biomarkers of important pathways.

Results: At referral for surgery, the mean age was 14.5 years (range 8–17), mean body mass index (BMI in kg/m2) was 48.13 (range 41.1–56.3). All patients showed various metabolic comorbidities. LSG was uneventful in all of them. At 6 months postsurgery, the mean BMI has dropped to 37.1 (range 28.4–40.6). Targeted serum metabonomics resulted in 7 metabolites, which were significantly affected by LSG. Among those, the amino acid phenylalanine was increased, and methionine decreased. The glycero-phospatidylcholine PCaaC38:5 were upregulated, and PCaaC40:2 and PCaaC42:1 were down regulated after 6 months compared with baseline. Further, sphingomyoline (SM) C26:0 and SM C26:1 were decreased after 6 months. The obesity-related biomarkers CLU, PEDF, and RBP4 were decreased, whereas PON1 levels were increased.

Conclusion: LSG leads to changes in amino acids and in lipid metabolism indicated by glycerol-phosphatidylcholines and SM. The pattern of protein biomarkers and metabolites might provide measures for the induced physiological changes and for therapy monitoring.

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Oberbach, A., von Bergen, M., Blueher, S., Lehmann, S., Till, H. (2012):
Combined serum proteomic and metabonomic profiling after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in children and adolescents
J. Laparoendosc. Adv. Surg. Tech. 22 (2), 184 - 188