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DOI 10.2136/vzj2010.0139
Titel (primär) A network of terrestrial environmental observatories in Germany
Autor Zacharias, S. ORCID logo ; Bogena, H.; Samaniego, L. ORCID logo ; Mauder, M.; Fuß, R.; Pütz, T.; Frenzel, M. ORCID logo ; Schwank, M.; Baessler, C.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Bens, O.; Borg, E.; Brauer, A.; Dietrich, P. ORCID logo ; Hajnsek, I.; Helle, G.; Kiese, R.; Kunstmann, H.; Klotz, S.; Munch, J.C.; Papen, H.; Priesack, E.; Schmid, H.P.; Steinbrecher, R.; Rosenbaum, U.; Teutsch, G.; Vereecken, H.
Quelle Vadose Zone Journal
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
Department BZF; CHS; GF; MET
Band/Volume 10
Heft 3
Seite von 955
Seite bis 973
Sprache englisch
Keywords EDK; external drift kriging; TERENO; Terrestrial Environmental Observatories
UFZ Querschnittsthemen TERENO;

Multi compartment and multi scale long-term observati on and research are important prerequisites to tackling the scienti fi c challenges resulti ng from climate and global change. Long-term monitoring programs are cost intensive and require high analyti cal standards, however, and the gain of knowledge o􀅌 en requires longer observati on ti mes. Nevertheless, several environmental research networks have been established in recent years, focusing on the impact of climate and land use change on terrestrial ecosystems. From 2008 onward, a network of Terrestrial Environmental Observatories (TERENO) has been established in Germany as an interdisciplinary research program that aims to observe and explore the long-term ecological, social, and economic impacts of global change at the regional level. State-of-the-art methods from the fi eld of environmental monitoring, geophysics, and remote sensing will be used to record and analyze states and fl uxes for diff erent environmental
compartments from groundwater through the vadose zone, surface water, and biosphere, up to the lower atmosphere.
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Zacharias, S., Bogena, H., Samaniego, L., Mauder, M., Fuß, R., Pütz, T., Frenzel, M., Schwank, M., Baessler, C., Butterbach-Bahl, K., Bens, O., Borg, E., Brauer, A., Dietrich, P., Hajnsek, I., Helle, G., Kiese, R., Kunstmann, H., Klotz, S., Munch, J.C., Papen, H., Priesack, E., Schmid, H.P., Steinbrecher, R., Rosenbaum, U., Teutsch, G., Vereecken, H. (2011):
A network of terrestrial environmental observatories in Germany
Vadose Zone J. 10 (3), 955 - 973 10.2136/vzj2010.0139