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Titel (primär) Bacterial diversity in a mine water treatment plant
Autor Heinzel, E.; Hedrich, S.; Janneck, E.; Glombitza, F.; Seifert, J.; Schlömann, M.;
Journal / Serie Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department PROTEOM;
Band/Volume 75
Heft 3
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We investigated the microbial community in a pilot plant for treatment of acid mine water by biological ferrous iron oxidation using clone library analysis and calculated statistical parameters for further characterization. The microbial community in the plant was conspicuously dominated by a group of Betaproteobacteria affiliated with "Ferribacter polymyxa".

ID 11149
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Heinzel, E., Hedrich, S., Janneck, E., Glombitza, F., Seifert, J., Schlömann, M. (2009):
Bacterial diversity in a mine water treatment plant
Appl. Environ. Microb. 75 (3), 858 - 861