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DOI 10.1016/j.landusepol.2011.03.003
Titel (primär) The iLUC dilemma: how to deal with indirect land use changes when governing energy crops?
Autor Gawel, E.; Ludwig, G.
Quelle Land Use Policy
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
Department OEKON; UPR
Band/Volume 28
Heft 4
Seite von 846
Seite bis 856
Sprache englisch
Keywords Land use change; Indirect land use change; Bioenergy; Biofuels policy; GHG accounting; Sustainability
Abstract Due to land use effects, bioenergy use may cause adverse effects on biodiversity, soil and water and may even fail to guarantee a GHG emissions reduction compared to fossil fuel use. Accounting methodologies and policy instruments were elaborated to prevent these effects, but there is still no sound and consensual methodology to take into account indirect land use change that substantially contributes to GHG emissions as well as a loss of biodiversity. While the iLUC hypothesis, that is the potentiality of adverse effects arising from indirect land use change related to biomass cultivation, is hardly subject to dispute, the quantification of these effects and especially their policy implications are however contentious. Hence, bioenergy policies worldwide face a dilemma: Neglecting iLUC effects that do in fact exist or taking them into account although no sound methodology is available? The article covers the current state of the discussion and also analyses the approaches developed for taking indirect land use change into account. Assessment criteria for coping with the iLUC dilemma are developed and policy recommendations are derived from that.
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Gawel, E., Ludwig, G. (2011):
The iLUC dilemma: how to deal with indirect land use changes when governing energy crops?
Land Use Pol. 28 (4), 846 - 856 10.1016/j.landusepol.2011.03.003