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DOI 10.1007/s10666-010-9230-6
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Titel (primär) Mapping cumulative environmental risks: examples from the EU NoMiracle project
Autor Pistocchi, A.; Groenwold, J.; Lahr, J.; Loos, M.; Mujica, M.; Ragas, M.J.; Rallo, R.; Sala, S.; Schlink, U. ORCID logo ; Strebel, K.; Vighi, M.; Vizcanio, P.
Quelle Environmental Modeling & Assessment
Erscheinungsjahr 2011
Department STUDIEN
Band/Volume 16
Heft 2
Seite von 119
Seite bis 133
Sprache englisch
Keywords Cumulative environmental risk; GIS mapping; Mixtures; Multiple stressors; Pesticides; Metals; Spatial distribution
Abstract We present examples of cumulative chemical risk mapping methods developed within the NoMiracle project. The different examples illustrate the application of the concentration addition (CA) approach to pesticides at different scale, the integration in space of cumulative risks to individual organisms under the CA assumption, and twotechniques to (1) integrate risks using data-driven, parametric statistical methods, and (2) cluster together areas with similar occurrence of different risk factors, respectively. The examples are used to discuss some general issues, particularly on the conventional nature of cumulative risk maps, and may provide some suggestions for the practice of cumulative risk mapping.
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Pistocchi, A., Groenwold, J., Lahr, J., Loos, M., Mujica, M., Ragas, M.J., Rallo, R., Sala, S., Schlink, U., Strebel, K., Vighi, M., Vizcanio, P. (2011):
Mapping cumulative environmental risks: examples from the EU NoMiracle project
Environ. Model. Assess. 16 (2), 119 - 133 10.1007/s10666-010-9230-6