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DOI 10.2779/83897
Titel (primär) European Red List of butterflies
Herausgeber van Swaay, C.; Cuttelod, A.; Collins, S.; Maes, D.; Munguira, M.L.; Šašic, M.; Settele, J.; Verovnik, R.; Verstrael, T.; Warren, M.; Wiemers, M. ORCID logo ; Wynhoff, I.
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Department BZF
Seite bis 47
Sprache englisch
Abstract The European Red List is a review of the conservation status of c. 6,000 European species (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes, butterflies, dragonflies, and selected groups of beetles, molluscs, and vascular plants) according to IUCN regional Red Listing guidelines. It identifies those species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level - in order that appropriate conservation action can be taken to improve their status. This publication summarises results for a selection of Europe's native species of butterflies. About 9% of the species are threatened with extinction at the European level as a result of threats including habitat loss and degradation due to changes in agricultural management.
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van Swaay, C., Cuttelod, A., Collins, S., Maes, D., Munguira, M.L., Šašic, M., Settele, J., Verovnik, R., Verstrael, T., Warren, M., Wiemers, M., Wynhoff, I. (eds., 2010):
European Red List of butterflies
European Union, Luxembourg, 47 pp. 10.2779/83897