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DOI 10.1016/j.limno.2009.10.004
Titel (primär) Local variability of sedimentation rate in Lake Arendsee, Germany
Autor Scharf, B.W.; Boehrer, B.; Büttner, O.; Kopsch, C.; Niessen, F.
Journal / Serie Limnologica
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Department ASAM; SEEFO
Band/Volume 40
Heft 2
Seite von 97
Seite bis 101
Sprache englisch
Keywords Sedimentation rate; Resuspension; Lake morphometry; Stratification; Oxygen distribution; Lake Arendsee
Abstract We measured the thickness and the dry weight of recently deposited sediment along several transects across Lake Arendsee in order to quantify the sedimentation rate and its local variability. As a time marker, we used an artificial marl layer that was deposited by a remediation program in the year 1995. A portion of the sediment deposited during the year was transported from the littoral and the top of the submerged hills to the foot of the slope, where we found the greatest deposition. Within the same lake, the deposited sediment layer varied by a factor of 4 between minimal and maximal values over the same time periods. Lake Arendsee is a holomictic and eutrophic lake with depletion of oxygen in summer time.
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Scharf, B.W., Boehrer, B., Büttner, O., Kopsch, C., Niessen, F. (2010):
Local variability of sedimentation rate in Lake Arendsee, Germany
Limnologica 40 (2), 97 - 101