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Titel (primär) Streamflow prediction in ungauged catchments using copula-based dissimilarity measures
Autor Samaniego, L.; Bárdossy, A.; Kumar, R.;
Journal / Serie Water Resources Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Department CHS;
Band/Volume 46
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Abstract There are many procedures in the available literature to perform prediction in ungauged basins. Commonly the Euclidean metric is used as a proxy of the hydrologic dissimilarity. Here we propose a procedure to ¯nd a metric based on dissimilarity measures that are estimated from pairwise empirical copula densities of runo®. A metric is then de¯ned in an transformed space of basin descriptors, whose parametrization is obtained with a variance reducing technique. A hydrologic model was run in an ungauged basin with sets of global parameters obtained from the k-nearest neighboring donor basins using various metrics to take into account the uncertainty of its parametrization. Hydrologic model parameters were regionalized with a multiscale parameter regionalization technique whose transfer-function parameters were found via calibration. The stream°ow in an ungauged basin was found as an ensemble stream°ow prediction to account for the uncertainties of the transfer function parameters as well as those to de¯ne the metric. This technique was applied in 38 German basins ranging in size from from 70 to 4000 km2. For each basin a number of catchment descriptors and several climatic indices were quanti¯ed, e.g. mean slope, aspect, shape factor, mean elevation, mean monthly temperature in January, among others. Daily stream°ow time series correspond to the period from 1961 to 2000. Simulated daily discharge were validated with a Jackknife crossvalidation technique. Nash-Sutcli®e e±ciencies obtained in this way ranged between 0.76 to 0.86. These results suggested that the proposed technique would produce reasonable results in ungauged basins.
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Samaniego, L., Bárdossy, A., Kumar, R. (2010):
Streamflow prediction in ungauged catchments using copula-based dissimilarity measures
Water Resour. Res. 46 , W02506