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Titel (primär) Multistage gas-liquid electrical discharge column reactor for advanced oxidation processes
Autor Holzer, F.; Locke, B.R.;
Journal / Serie Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Erscheinungsjahr 2008
Department TUCHEM;
Band/Volume 47
Heft 7
Sprache englisch;
Abstract A three-stage gas-liquid electrical discharge reactor was developed based upon a tray column design. The reactor system was operated in both closed recirculation and multiple pass continuous flow modes. The energy yields of hydrogen peroxide and the amount of ozone formation in the multistage reactor were similar to those in the single staged reactor and were also not affected by running the multistage reactor in the recirculation (closed) or continuous (open) modes. The removal energy yields for operating the tray column reactor in the recirculation mode were 2.08, 0.88, 2.42, and 0.63 g/(kWhr) for reactive blue 137 dye, phenol, 2-chloroethyl phenyl sulfide (2-CEPS), and diphenyl chlorophosphate (DPCP), respectively. The phenol and 2-CEPS energy yields in the tray column reactor with recirculation were factors of 4 and 3, respectively, higher than those in the single stage, while the energy yield for DPCP did not change upon going from one to three stages. It is possible that the enhanced gas-liquid mixing and mass transfer of ozone from the gas in the tray column reactor design improved the energy yields for the primary species and byproducts susceptible to direct ozone attack. The removal energy yields for operating the reactor in continuous flow mode did not change for phenol in comparison to those in the recirculation mode. The removal energy yields increased to 3.02 and 2.15 g/(kWhr) for 2-CEPS and DPCP, respectively, after adding FeSO4 (initial concentration of 485 M) to the reactor solution due to enhanced reactions with hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide. The variation of the aqueous flow mode from recirculation to continuous flow decreased the removal energy yields of CEPS and DPCP from those in the recirculation mode, but these values were still comparable to those of the one-stage reactor operating in the batch mode.
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Holzer, F., Locke, B.R. (2008):
Multistage gas-liquid electrical discharge column reactor for advanced oxidation processes
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 47 (7), 2203 - 2212