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DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-00340-0_14
Titel (primär) Fate, transport, and retention of applied 15N labelled nitrogen in forest soils
Titel (sekundär) Functioning and management of European beech ecosystems
Autor Brumme, R.; Wang, C.P.; Priess, J.A.; Raubuch, M.; Steinmetz, G.
Herausgeber Brumme, R.; Khanna, P.K.
Quelle Ecological Studies
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Department CLE
Band/Volume 208
Seite von 253
Seite bis 263
Sprache englisch
Abstract Forest soils in central Europe have received high atmospheric inputs of protons, sulphate and nitrogen (Chap. 15) since the beginning of industrialisation. As a result, chemical and biological processes in many German forest soils have changed (Godbold and Hüttermann 1994) and soil characteristics like pH, base saturation and C/N ratios have altered (Chap. 21). The mechanisms of the fate and the retention of this high atmospheric input of nitrogen still remain unclear. There are reports indicating that, despite high N-deposition since the beginning of the nineteenth century, most forests continue to retain nitrogen (Ulrich 1994; Johnson et al. 1997; Dise et al. 1998; Borken and Matzner 2004) even when the low C/N ratios in the surface organic layer have become low (Brumme and Khanna 2008). This raises the question of the retention mechanisms of nitrogen in forest soils. The use of labelled nitrogen makes it easy to follow internal nitrogen cycle of N-inputs in forest ecosystems (Nadelhoffer et al. 2004; Tietema et al. 1998; Feng et al. 2008) and soils (Mochoge and Beese 1983a, b). Often, labelled nitrogen is applied in a single dose which provides information on the nitrogen transformation rates under the current environmental conditions of addition. We applied constant rates of 15N labelled ammonium and nitrate as an artificial crown drip for long periods on undisturbed soil columns (Brumme and Aden 1995) under field and laboratory conditions in order to simulate continuous N-depositions so as to follow N-transformations under close to field conditions.
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Brumme, R., Wang, C.P., Priess, J.A., Raubuch, M., Steinmetz, G. (2009):
Fate, transport, and retention of applied 15N labelled nitrogen in forest soils
In: Brumme, R., Khanna, P.K. (eds.)
Functioning and management of European beech ecosystems
Ecological Studies 208
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 253 - 263 10.1007/978-3-642-00340-0_14