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DOI 10.1007/s10531-010-9834-9
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Titel (primär) Ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation: concepts and a glossary
Autor Harrington, R.; Anton, C.; Dawson, T.P.; de Bello, F.; Feld, C.K.; Haslett, J.R.; Kluvánková-Oravská, T.; Kontogianni, A.; Lavorel, S.; Luck, G.W.; Rounsevell, M.D.A.; Samways, M.J.; Settele, J.; Skourtos, M.; Spangenberg, J.H.; Vandewalle, M.; Zobel, M.; Harrison, P.A.
Quelle Biodiversity and Conservation
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Department BZF
Band/Volume 19
Heft 10
Seite von 2773
Seite bis 2790
Sprache englisch
Keywords Biodiversity; Conservation; DPSIR; Ecosystem management; Ecosystem services; Ecosystem valuation; Functional diversity; Functional traits; Service-providing unit; Social-ecological systems
Abstract The RUBICODE project draws on expertise from a range of disciplines to develop and integrate frameworks for assessing the impacts of environmental change on ecosystem service provision, and for rationalising biodiversity conservation in that light. With such diverse expertise and concepts involved, interested parties will not be familiar with all the key terminology. This paper defines the terms as used within the project and, where useful, discusses some reasoning behind the definitions. Terms are grouped by concept rather than being listed alphabetically.
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Harrington, R., Anton, C., Dawson, T.P., de Bello, F., Feld, C.K., Haslett, J.R., Kluvánková-Oravská, T., Kontogianni, A., Lavorel, S., Luck, G.W., Rounsevell, M.D.A., Samways, M.J., Settele, J., Skourtos, M., Spangenberg, J.H., Vandewalle, M., Zobel, M., Harrison, P.A. (2010):
Ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation: concepts and a glossary
Biodivers. Conserv. 19 (10), 2773 - 2790 10.1007/s10531-010-9834-9