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17382 Drechsler, M., Touza, J., White, P.C.L., Jones, G. (2016):
Agricultural landscape structure and invasive species: the cost-effective level of crop field clustering
Food Secur. 8 (1), 111 - 121
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11709 Fraser, R.A., Bogaard, A., Heaton, T., Charles, M., Jones, G., Christensen, B.T., Halstead, P., Merbach, I., Poulton, P.R., Sparkes, D., Styring, A.K. (2011):
Manuring and stable nitrogen isotope ratios in cereals and pulses: towards a new archaeobotanical approach to the inference of land use and dietary practices
J. Archaeol. Sci. 38 (10), 2790 - 2804
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22508 Lisón, F., Jiménez‐Franco, M.V., Altamirano, A., Haz, Á., Calvo, J.F., Jones, G. (2020):
Bat ecology and conservation in semi‐arid and arid landscapes: a global systematic review
Mammal Rev. 50 (1), 52 - 67
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2367 Touza, J., Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Jones, G. (2007):
Economic analysis of invasive species policies
In: Nentwig, W. (ed.)
Biological invasions
Ecological Studies 193
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 353 - 366
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