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23850 Accolla, C., Vaugeois, M., Grimm, V., Moore, A.P., Rueda‐Cediel, P., Schmolke, A., Forbes, V.E. (2021):
A review of key features and their implementation in unstructured, structured, and agent‐based population models for ecological risk assessment
Integr. Environ. Assess. Manag. 17 (3), 521 - 540
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24990 An, L., Grimm, V., Sullivan, A., Turner II, B.L., Malleson, N., Heppenstall, A., Vincenot, C., Robinson, D., Ye, X., Liu, J., Lindkvist, E., Tang, W. (2021):
Challenges, tasks, and opportunities in modeling agent-based complex systems
Ecol. Model. 457 , art. 109685
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22837 An, L., Grimm, V., Turner II, B.L. (2020):
Editorial: Meeting grand challenges in agent-based models
JASSS 23 (1), art. 13
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14257 Augusiak, J., van den Brink, P.J., Grimm, V. (2014):
Merging validation and evaluation of ecological models to 'evaludation': a review of terminology and a practical approach
Ecol. Model. 280 , 117 - 128
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19706 Ayllón, D., Grimm, V., Attinger, S., Hauhs, M., Simmer, C., Vereecken, H., Lischeid, G. (2018):
Cross-disciplinary links in environmental systems science: Current state and claimed needs identified in a meta-review of process models
Sci. Total Environ. 622-623 , 945 - 973
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20889 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Almodóvar, A., Nicola, G.G., Vincenzi, S., Elvira, B., Grimm, V. (2018):
Eco-evolutionary responses to recreational fishing under different harvest regulations
Ecol. Evol. 8 (19), 9600 - 9613
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23913 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Gallagher, C., Augusiak, J., Baveco, H., Berger, U., Charles, S., Martin, R., Focks, A., Galic, N., Liu, C., van Loon, E.E., Nabe-Nielsen, J., Piou, C., Polhill, J.G., Preuss, T.G., Radchuk, V., Schmolke, A., Stadnicka-Michalak, J., Thorbek, P., Grimm, V. (2021):
Keeping modelling notebooks with TRACE: Good for you and good for environmental research and management support
Environ. Modell. Softw. 136 , art. 104932
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16773 Ayllón, D., Railsback, S.F., Vincenzi, S., Groeneveld, J., Almodóvar, A., Grimm, V. (2016):
InSTREAM-Gen: Modelling eco-evolutionary dynamics of trout populations under anthropogenic environmental change
Ecol. Model. 326 , 36 - 53
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21149 Backmann, P., Grimm, V., Jetschke, G., Lin, Y., Vos, M., Baldwin, I.T., van Dam, N.M. (2019):
Delayed chemical defense: timely expulsion of herbivores can reduce competition with neighboring plants
Am. Nat. 193 (1), 125 - 139
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13814 Bailleul, F., Grimm, V., Chion, C., Hammill, M. (2013):
Modeling implications of food resource aggregation on animal migration phenology
Ecol. Evol. 3 (8), 2535 - 2546
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762 Banitz, T., Huth, A., Grimm, V., Johst, K. (2008):
Clumped versus scattered: how does the spatial correlation of disturbance events affect biodiversity?
Theor. Ecol. 1 (4), 231 - 240
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12198 Barbier, N., Bellot, J., Couteron, P., Wiegand, T., Grimm, V., Deblauwe, V., Biro, P., Mueller, E.N. (2014):
Assessment of patterns in ecogeomorphic systems
In: Mueller, E.N., Wainwright, J., Parsons, A.J., Turnbull, L. (eds.)
Patterns of land degradation in drylands: understanding self-organised ecogeomorphic systems
Springer, Utrecht, p. 247 - 264
Volltext (DOI)
6191 Bauer, S., Berger, U., Hildenbrandt, H., Eisinger, D., Grimm, V. (2001):
Modellierung von Nachbarschaftskonkurrenz in Pflanzenpopulationen: Test eines neuen individuenbasierten Ansatzes
In: Jopp, F., Weigmann, G. (Hrsg.)
Rolle und Bedeutung von Modellen für den ökologischen Erkenntnisprozeß. Tagungsband zum Jahrestreffen 2000 des Arbeitskreises Theorie in der Ökologie
Theorie in der Ökologie 4
Lang, Frankfurt/M., S. 31 - 42
5343 Bauer, S., Berger, U., Hildenbrandt, H., Grimm, V. (2002):
Cyclic dynamics in simulated plant populations
Proc. R. Soc. B-Biol. Sci. 269 (1508), 2443 - 2450
Volltext (DOI)
3954 Bauer, S., Wyszomirski, T., Berger, U., Hildenbrandt, H., Grimm, V. (2004):
Asymmetric competition as a natural outcome of neighbour interactions among plants: results from the field-of-neighbourhood modelling approach
Plant Ecol. 170 (1), 135 - 145
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17914 Becher, M.A., Grimm, V., Knapp, J., Horn, J., Twiston-Davies, G., Osborne, J.L. (2016):
BEESCOUT: A model of bee scouting behaviour and a software tool for characterizing nectar/pollen landscapes for BEEHAVE
Ecol. Model. 340 , 126 - 133
Volltext (DOI)
14620 Becher, M.A., Grimm, V., Thorbek, P., Horn, J., Kennedy, P.J., Osborne, J.L. (2014):
BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics and foraging to explore multifactorial causes of colony failure
J. Appl. Ecol. 51 (2), 470 - 482
Volltext (DOI)
13797 Becher, M., Osborne, J.L., Thorbek, P., Kennedy, P.J., Grimm, V. (2013):
Towards a systems approach for understanding honeybee decline: a stocktaking and synthesis of existing models
J. Appl. Ecol. 50 (4), 868 - 880
Volltext (DOI)
22424 Bender, C., Hildenbrandt, H., Schmidt-Loske, K., Grimm, V., Wissel, C., Henle, K. (1996):
Consolidation of vineyards, mitigations, and survival of the common wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) in isolated habitat fragments
In: Settele, J., Margules, C., Poschlod, P., Henle, K. (eds.)
Species survival in fragmented landscapes
GeoJournal Library 35
Kluwer, Dordrecht, p. 248 - 261
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2497 Berger, U., Adams, M., Grimm, V., Hildenbrandt, H. (2006):
Modelling secondary succession of neotropical mangroves: causes and consequences of growth reduction in pioneer species
Perspect. Plant Ecol. Evol. Syst. 7 (4), 243 - 252
Volltext (DOI)
5353 Berger, U., Hildenbrandt, H., Grimm, V. (2002):
Towards a standard for the individual-based modeling of plant populations: self-thinning and the field-of-neighborhood approach
Nat. Resour. Model. 15 (1), 39 - 54
Volltext (DOI)
3972 Berger, U., Hildenbrandt, H., Grimm, V. (2004):
Age-related decline in forest production: modelling the effects of growth limitation, neighbourhood competition and self-thinning
J. Ecol. 92 (5), 846 - 853
Volltext (DOI)
792 Berger, U., Piou, C., Schiffers, K., Grimm, V. (2008):
Competition among plants: concepts, individual-based modelling approaches, and a proposal for a future research strategy
Perspect. Plant Ecol. Evol. Syst. 9 (3-4), 121 - 135
Volltext (DOI)
20554 Brandl, R., Jeltsch, F., Grimm, V., Wissel, C. (1996):
Tollwutausbreitung - modellieren großräumiger ökologischer Prozesse
UFZ-Jahresbericht '92-'95
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, S. 46 - 51
5396 Brang, P., Courbaud, B., Fischer, A., Kissling-Naf, I., Pettenella, D., Schönenberger, W., Spörk, J., Grimm, V. (2002):
Developing indicators for the sustainable management of mountain forests using a modelling approach
Forest Policy Econ. 4 (2), 113 - 123
Volltext (DOI)
11440 Calabrese, J.M., Deffuant, G., Grimm, V. (2011):
Bridging the gap between computational models and viability based resilience in savanna ecosystems
In: Deffuant, G., Gilbert, N. (eds.)
Viability and resilience of complex systems: concepts, methods and case studies from ecology and society
Understanding Complex Systems
Springer, Berlin, p. 107 - 130
Volltext (DOI)
9851 Calabrese, J.M., Vazquez, F., López, C., Miguel, M.S., Grimm, V. (2010):
The independent and interactive effects of tree-tree establishment competition and fire on savanna structure and dynamics
Am. Nat. 175 (3), E44 - E65
Volltext (DOI)
22206 Carter, N.H., Levin, S.A., Grimm, V. (2019):
Effects of human‐induced prey depletion on large carnivores in protected areas: Lessons from modeling tiger populations in stylized spatial scenarios
Ecol. Evol. 9 (19), 11298 - 11313
Volltext (DOI)
16297 Carter, N., Levin, S., Barlow, A., Grimm, V. (2015):
Modeling tiger population and territory dynamics using an agent-based approach
Ecol. Model. 312 , 347 - 362
Volltext (DOI)
15037 Cortés-Avizanda, A., Jovani, R., Donázar, J.A., Grimm, V. (2014):
Bird sky networks: How do avian scavengers use social information to find carrion?
Ecology 95 (7), 1799 - 1808
Volltext (DOI)
21234 Crawford, M., Jeltsch, F., May, F., Grimm, V., Schlägel, U.E. (2019):
Intraspecific trait variation increases species diversity in a trait‐based grassland model
Oikos 128 (3), 441 - 455
Volltext (DOI)
24159 Crawford, M.S., Schlägel, U.E., May, F., Wurst, S., Grimm, V., Jeltsch, F. (2021):
While shoot herbivores reduce, root herbivores increase nutrient enrichment’s impact on diversity in a grassland model
Ecology 102 (5), e03333
Volltext (DOI)
867 Cury, P.M., Shin, Y.-J., Planque, B., Durant, J.M., Fromentin, J.-M., Kramer-Schadt, S., Stenseth, N.C., Travers, M., Grimm, V. (2008):
Ecosystem oceanography for global change in fisheries
Trends Ecol. Evol. 23 (6), 338 - 346
Volltext (DOI)
22141 Dalleau, M., Kramer‐Schadt, S., Gangat, Y., Bourjea, J., Lajoie, G., Grimm, V. (2019):
Modeling the emergence of migratory corridors and foraging hot spots of the green sea turtle
Ecol. Evol. 9 (18), 10317 - 10342
Volltext (DOI)
18022 De Laender, F., Rohr, J.R., Ashauer, R., Baird, D.J., Berger, U., Eisenhauer, N., Grimm, V., Hommen, U., Maltby, L., Meliàn, C.J., Pomati, F., Roessink, I., Radchuk, V., van den Brink, P.J. (2016):
Reintroducing environmental change drivers in biodiversity–ecosystem functioning research
Trends Ecol. Evol. 31 (12), 905 - 915
Volltext (DOI)
14882 DeAngelis, D.L., Grimm, V. (2014):
Individual-based models in ecology after four decades
F1000Prime Reports 6 , art. 39
Volltext (DOI)
7907 Dittmann, S., Grimm, V. (1999):
ELAWAT: Goals and conceptual framework
In: Dittmann, S. (ed.)
The Wadden Sea ecosystem. Stability properties and mechanisms
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 5 - 13
Volltext (DOI)
7908 Dittmann, S., Hild, A., Grimm, V., Günther, C.P., Niesel, V., Villbrandt, M., Bietz, H., Schleier, U. (1999):
Joint research projects: experiences and recommendations
In: Dittmann, S. (ed.)
The Wadden Sea ecosystem. Stability properties and mechanisms
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 267 - 280
Volltext (DOI)
7094 Dorndorf, N., Arnold, W., Frey-Roos, F., Wissel, C., Grimm, V. (2000):
Ein Fallbeispiel zur Komplexität der Populationsgefährdungsanalyse: Das Alpenmurmeltier
Gemeinsame Fachtagung in der Zoologischen Staatssammlung, "Aussterben als ökologisches Phänomen", München, 6.-7.10.1998
Laufener Seminarbeiträge 3/00
Bayerische Akademie für Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege, Laufen, Salzach, S. 85 - 91
23220 Dornelles, A.Z., Boyd, E., Nunes, R.J., Asquith, M., Boonstra, W.J., Delabre, I., Denney, J.M., Grimm, V., Jentsch, A., Nicholas, K.A., Schröter, M., Seppelt, R., Settele, J., Shackelford, N., Standish, R.J., Yengoh, G.T., Oliver, T.H. (2020):
Towards a bridging concept for undesirable resilience in social-ecological systems
Global Sustainability 3 , e20
Volltext (DOI)
11352 dos Santos, F.A.S., Johst, K., Grimm, V. (2011):
Neutral communities may lead to decreasing diversity-disturbance relationships: insights from a generic simulation model
Ecol. Lett. 14 (7), 653 - 660
Volltext (DOI)
9893 dos Santos, F.S., Johst, K., Huth, A., Grimm, V. (2010):
Interacting effects of habitat destruction and changing disturbance rates on biodiversity: Who is going to survive?
Ecol. Model. 221 (23), 2776 - 2783
Volltext (DOI)
3283 Drechsler, M., Grimm, V., Myšiak, J., Wätzold, F. (2005):
Differences and similarities between ecological and economic models for biodiversity conservation
UFZ-Diskussionspapiere 5/2005
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, 29 pp.
1731 Drechsler, M., Grimm, V., Mysiak, J., Wätzold, F. (2007):
Differences and similarities between ecological and economic models for biodiversity conservation
Ecol. Econ. 62 (2), 232 - 241
Volltext (DOI)
21972 Edmonds, B., Le Page, C., Bithell, M., Chattoe-Brown, E., Grimm, V., Meyer, R., Montañola-Sales, C., Ormerod, P., Root, H., Squazzoni, F. (2019):
Different modelling purposes
JASSS 22 (3), art. 6
Volltext (DOI)
21372 Egli, L., Grimm, V., Seppelt, R. (2018):
Exploring the resilience of telecoupled social-ecological systems with agent-based models
5th European Congress of Conservation Biology, Jyväskylä, 12-15 June 2018
p. 1 - 2
Volltext (URL)
20747 Egli, L., Weise, H., Radchuk, V., Seppelt, R., Grimm, V. (2019):
Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionality
Ecol. Complex. 40, Part B , art. 100718
Volltext (DOI)
15016 Evans, M.R., Benton, T.G., Grimm, V., Lessells, C.M., O’Malley, M.A., Moustakas, A., Weisberg, M. (2014):
Data availability and model complexity, generality, and utility: a reply to Lonergan
Trends Ecol. Evol. 29 (6), 302 - 303
Volltext (DOI)
14131 Evans, M.R., Bithell, M., Cornell, S.J., Dall, S.R.X., Díaz, S., Emmott, S., Ernande, B., Grimm, V., Hodgson, D.J., Lewis, S.L., Mace, G.M., Morecroft, M., Moustakas, A., Murphy, E., Newbold, T., Norris, K.J., Petchey, O., Smith, M., Travis, J.M.J., Benton, T.G. (2013):
Predictive systems ecology
Proc. R. Soc. B-Biol. Sci. 280 (1771), art. 20131452
Volltext (DOI)
13851 Evans, M.R., Grimm, V., Johst, K., Knuuttila, T., de Langhe, R., Lessells, C.M., Merz, M., O'Malley, M.A., Orzack, S.H., Weisberg, M., Wilkinson, D.J., Wolkenhauer, O., Benton, T.G. (2013):
Do simple models lead to generality in ecology?
Trends Ecol. Evol. 28 (10), 578 - 583
Volltext (DOI)
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