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24853 Liu, Q., Yin, R., Tan, B., You, C., Zhang, L., Xu, Z., Schädler, M., Scheu, S. (2021):
Nitrogen addition and plant functional type independently modify soil mesofauna effects on litter decomposition
Soil Biol. Biochem. 160 , art. 108340
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21963 Liu, Q., Zhuang, L., Yin, R., Ni, X., You, C., Yue, K., Tan, B., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Xu, Z. (2019):
Root diameter controls the accumulation of humic substances in decomposing root litter
Geoderma 348 , 68 - 75
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1385 Rutqvist, J., Barr, D., Birkholzer, J.T., Chijimatsu, M., Kolditz, O., Liu, Q., Oda, Y., Wang, W., Zhang, C. (2008):
Results from an international simulation study on coupled thermal, hydrological, and mechanical processes near geological nuclear waste repositories
Nucl. Technol. 163 (1), 101 - 109
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550 Rutqvist, J., Barr, D., Birkholzer, J.T., Fujisaki, K., Kolditz, O., Liu, Q., Oda, Y., Wang, W., Zhang, C. (2009):
A comparative simulation study of coupled THM processes and their effect on fractured rock permeability around nuclear waste repositories
Environ. Geol. 57 (6), 1347 - 1360
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23231 Zhuang, L., Liu, Q., Liang, Z., You, C., Tan, B., Zhang, L., Yin, R., Yang, K., Bol, R., Xu, Z. (2020):
Nitrogen additions retard nutrient release from two contrasting foliar litters in a subtropical forest, Southwest China
Forests 11 (4), art. 377
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