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12791 Bessler, H., Oelmann, Y., Roscher, C., Buchmann, N., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schulze, E.-D., Temperton, V.M., Wilcke, W., Engels, C. (2012):
Nitrogen uptake by grassland communities: contribution of N2 fixation, facilitation, complementarity, and species dominance
Plant Soil 358 (1-2), 301 - 322
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10742 Eisenhauer, N., Milcu, A., Sabias, A.C.W., Bessler, H., Brenner, J., Engels, C., Klarner, B., Maraun, M., Partsch, S., Roscher, C., Schonert, F., Temperton, V.M., Thomisch, K., Weigelt, A., Weisser, W.W., Scheu, S. (2011):
Plant diversity surpasses plant functional groups and plant productivity as driver of soil biota in the long term
PLoS One 6 (1), e16055
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1883 Hobbs, R.J., Jentsch, A., Temperton, V.M. (2007):
Restoration as a process of assembly and succession mediated by disturbance
In: Walker, L., Hobbs, R.J., Walker, J. (eds.)
Linking restoration and ecological succession
Springer Series on Environmental Management
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 150 - 167
20071 Meyer, S.T., Ptacnik, R., Hillebrand, H., Bessler, H., Buchmann, N., Ebeling, A., Eisenhauer, N., Engels, C., Fischer, M., Halle, S., Klein, A.-M., Oelmann, Y., Roscher, C., Rottstock, T., Scherber, C., Scheu, S., Schmid, B., Schulze, E.-D., Temperton, V.M., Tscharntke, T., Voigt, W., Weigelt, A., Wilcke, W., Weisser, W.W. (2018):
Biodiversity–multifunctionality relationships depend on identity and number of measured functions
Nat. Ecol. Evol. 2 (1), 44 - 49
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11143 Oelmann, Y., Buchmann, N., Gleixner, G., Habekost, M., Roscher, C., Rosenkranz, S., Schulze, E.-D., Steinbeiss, S., Temperton, V.M., Weigelt, A., Weisser, W.W., Wilcke, W. (2011):
Plant diversity effects on aboveground and belowground N pools in temperate grassland ecosystems: development in the first 5 years after establishment
Glob. Biogeochem. Cycle 25 , GB2014
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11745 Oelmann, Y., Richter, A.K., Roscher, C., Rosenkranz, S., Temperton, V.M., Weisser, W.W., Wilcke, W. (2011):
Does plant diversity influence phosphorus cycling in experimental grasslands?
Geoderma 167-168 , 178 - 187
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18550 Popp, D., von Gillhaussen, P., Weidlich, E.W.A., Sträuber, H., Harms, H., Temperton, V.M. (2017):
Methane yield of biomass from extensive grassland is affected by compositional changes induced by order of arrival
GCB Bioenergy 9 (10), 1555 - 1562
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10400 Proulx, R., Wirth, C., Voigt, W., Weigelt, A., Roscher, C., Attinger, S., Baade, J., Barnard, R.L., Buchmann, N., Buscot, F., Eisenhauer, N., Fischer, M., Gleixner, G., Halle, S., Hildebrandt, A., Kowalski, E., Kuu, A., Lange, M., Milcu, A., Niklaus, P.A., Oelmann, Y., Rosenkranz, S., Sabais, A., Scherber, C., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Scheu, S., Schulze, E.-D., Schumacher, J., Schwichtenberg, G., Soussana, J.-F., Temperton, V.M., Weisser, W.W., Wilcke, W., Schmid, B. (2010):
Diversity promotes temporal stability across levels of ecosystem organization in experimental grasslands
PLoS One 5 (10), e13382
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14934 Ravenek, J.M., Bessler, H., Engels, C., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Gessler, A., Gockele, A., De Luca, E., Temperton, V.M., Ebeling, A., Roscher, C., Schmid, B., Weisser, W.W., Wirth, C., de Kroon, H., Weigelt, A., Mommer, L. (2014):
Long-term study of root biomass in a biodiversity experiment reveals shifts in diversity effects over time
Oikos 123 (12), 1528 - 1536
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10828 Roscher, C., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schumacher, J., Temperton, V.M., Buchmann, N., Schulze, E.-D. (2011):
Plant resource-use characteristics as predictors for species contribution to community biomass in experimental grasslands
Perspect. Plant Ecol. Evol. Syst. 13 (1), 1 - 13
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11511 Roscher, C., Thein, S., Weigelt, A., Temperton, V.M., Buchmann, N., Schulze, E.-D. (2011):
N2 fixation and performance of 12 legume species in a 6-year grassland biodiversity experiment
Plant Soil 341 (1-2), 333 - 348
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4647 White, P.S., Jentsch, A. (2004):
Disturbance, succession and community assembly in terrestrial plant communities
In: Temperton, V.M. (ed.)
Assembly rules and restoration ecology: bridging the gap between theory and practice
Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration
Island Press, Washington, DC, p. 342 - 366
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