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22745 Centler, F., Günnigmann, S., Fetzer, I., Wendeberg, A. (2020):
Keystone species and modularity in microbial hydrocarbon degradation uncovered by network analysis and association rule mining
Microorganisms 8 (2), art. 190
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19563 Hubalek, V., Buck, M., Tan, B., Foght, J., Wendeberg, A., Berry, D., Bertilsson, S., Eiler, A. (2017):
Vitamin and amino acid auxotrophy in anaerobic consortia operating under methanogenic conditions
mSystems 2 (5), e00038-17
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17827 Jeske, J.T., Müller, R.A., Wendeberg, A., Bertilsson, S. (2016):
Microscale decoupling of sediment oxygen consumption and microbial biomass in an oligotrophic lake
Freshw. Biol. 61 (9), 1477 - 1491
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21801 Richert, I., Yager, P.L., Dinasquet, J., Logares, R., Riemann, L., Wendeberg, A., Bertilsson, S., Scofield, D.G. (2019):
Summer comes to the Southern Ocean: how phytoplankton shape bacterioplankton communities far into the deep dark sea
Ecosphere 10 (3), e02641
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18197 Schattenhofer, M., Hubalek, V., Wendeberg, A. (2016):
Identification of microorganisms in hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifer samples by fluorescence in situ hybridization (CARD-FISH)
In: McGenity, T.J., Timmis, K.N., Nogales, B. (eds.)
Hydrocarbon and lipid microbiology protocols. Ultrastructure and imaging
Springer Protocols Handbooks
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 103 - 113
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11720 Schattenhofer, M., Wendeberg, A. (2011):
Capturing microbial populations for environmental genomics
In: de Bruijn, F.J. (ed.)
Handbook of molecular microbial ecology I : metagenomics and complementary approaches
Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, NJ, p. 735 - 740
13750 Tischer, K., Kleinsteuber, S., Schleinitz, K.M., Fetzer, I., Spott, O., Stange, F., Lohse, U., Franz, J., Neumann, F., Gerling, S., Schmidt, C., Hasselwander, E., Harms, H., Wendeberg, A. (2013):
Microbial communities along biogeochemical gradients in a hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifer
Environ. Microbiol. 15 (9), 2603 - 2615
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12393 Tischer, K., Zeder, M., Klug, R., Pernthaler, J., Schattenhofer, M., Harms, H., Wendeberg, A. (2012):
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (CARD-FISH) of microorganisms in hydrocarbon contaminated aquifer sediment samples
Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 35 (8), 526 - 532
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12394 Wendeberg, A. (2010):
Fluorescence in situ hybridization for the identification of environmental microbes
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2010 (1), prot5366
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11639 Wendeberg, A., Zielinski, F.U., Borowski, C., Dubilier, N. (2012):
Expression patterns of mRNAs for methanotrophy and thiotrophy in symbionts of the hydrothermal vent mussel Bathymodiolus puteoserpentis
ISME J. 6 (1), 104 - 112
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13805 Wentrup, C., Wendeberg, A., Huang, J.Y., Borowski, C., Dubilier, N. (2013):
Shift from widespread symbiont infection of host tissues to specific colonization of gills in juvenile deep-sea mussels
ISME J. 7 (6), 1244 - 1247
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15848 Wentrup, C., Wendeberg, A., Schimak, M., Borowski, C., Dubilier, N. (2014):
Forever competent: deep-sea bivalves are colonized by their chemosynthetic symbionts throughout their lifetime
Environ. Microbiol. 16 (12), 3699 - 3713
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