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9833 Brennan, C., Dosch, R., Haramis, A.-P., Luckenbach, T., Martínez-Morales, J.-R., Moro, E., Polok, B., Ramesch, T.M., Russell, C., Argenton, F., Strähle, U. (2010):
Report of the European Zebrafish Principal Investigator Meeting in Padua, Italy, March 18-22, 2010
Zebrafish 7 (3), 305 - 310
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11242 Busch, W., Duis, K., Fenske, M., Maack, G., Legler, J., Padilla, S., Strähle, U., Witters, H., Scholz, S. (2011):
The zebrafish embryo model in toxicology and teratology, September 2–3, 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany
Reprod. Toxicol. 31 (4), 585 - 588
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20854 Jarque, S., Fetter, E., Veneman, W.J., Spaink, H.P., Peravali, R., Strähle, U., Scholz, S. (2018):
An automated screening method for detecting compounds with goitrogenic activity using transgenic zebrafish embryos
PLOS One 13 (8), e0203087
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11933 Klüver, N., Yang, L., Busch, W., Scheffler, K., Scheffler, P., Strähle, U., Scholz, S. (2011):
Transcriptional response of zebrafish embryos exposed to neurotoxic compounds reveals a muscle activity dependent hspb11 expression
PLoS One 6 (12), e29063
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17357 Shahid, M., Takamiya, M., Stegmaier, J., Middel, V., Gradl, M., Klüver, N., Mikut, R., Dickmeis, T., Scholz, S., Rastegar, S., Yang, L., Strähle, U. (2016):
Zebrafish biosensor for toxicant induced muscle hyperactivity
Sci. Rep. 6 , art. 23768
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11499 Strähle, U., Scholz, S., Geisler, R., Greiner, P., Hollert, H., Rastegar, S., Schumacher, A., Selderslaghs, I., Weiss, C., Witters, H., Braunbeck, T. (2012):
Zebrafish embryos as an alternative to animal experiments - a commentary on the definition of the onset of protected life stages in animal welfare regulations
Reprod. Toxicol. 33 (2), 128 - 132
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