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746 Areal, F.J., Touza, J., MacLeod, A., Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Perrings, C., Palmieri, M.G., Spence, N.J. (2008):
Integrating drivers influencing the detection of plant pests carried in the international cut flower trade
J. Environ. Manage. 89 (4), 300 - 307
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1710 Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Touza, J., Perrings, C., Williamson, M. (2007):
A century of the ornamental plant trade and its impact on invasion success
Divers. Distrib. 13 (5), 527 - 534
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1711 Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Touza, J., Perrings, C., Williamson, M. (2007):
The horticultural trade and ornamental plant invasions in Britain
Conserv. Biol. 21 (1), 224 - 231
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9921 Elmqvist, T., Maltby, E., Barker, T., Mortimer, M., Perrings, C., Aronson, J., de Groot, R., Fitter, A., Mace, G., Norberg, J., Sousa Pinto, I., Ring, I. (2010):
Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services
In: Kumar, P. (ed.)
The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity: ecological and economic foundations, TEEB
Earthscan, London, p. 41 - 111
3687 Perrings, C., Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Touza, J., Williamson, M. (2005):
How to manage biological invasions under globalization
Trends Ecol. Evol. 20 (5), 212 - 215
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666 Touza, J., Drechsler, M., Johst, K., Dehnen-Schmutz, K. (2010):
The role of space in invasive species management
In: Perrings, C., Mooney, H., Williamson, M. (eds.)
Bioinvasions and globalization: Ecology, economics, management, and policy
Oxford University Press, Oxford, p. 145 - 157
1521 Touza, J., Termansen, M., Perrings, C. (2008):
A bioeconomic approach to the Faustmann-Hartman model: ecological interactions in managed forests
Nat. Resour. Model. 21 (4), 551 - 581
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3104 Wätzold, F., Drechsler, M., Armstrong, C.W., Baumgärtner, S., Grimm, V., Huth, A., Perrings, C., Possingham, H.P., Shogren, J.F., Skonhoft, A., Verboom-Vasiljev, J., Wissel, C. (2006):
Ecological-economic modeling for biodiversity management: potential, pitfalls, and prospects
Conserv. Biol. 20 (4), 1034 - 1041
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