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22804 Barton, K.E., Jones, C., Edwards, K.F., Shiels, A.B., Knight, T. (2020):
Local adaptation constrains drought tolerance in a tropical foundation tree
J. Ecol. 108 (4), 1540 - 1552
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24989 Barton, K.E., Westerband, A., Ostertag, R., Stacy, E., Winter, K., Drake, D.R., Fortini, L.B., Litton, C.M., Cordell, S., Krushelnycky, P., Kawelo, K., Feliciano, K., Bennett, G., Knight, T. (2021):
Hawai'i forest review: Synthesizing the ecology, evolution, and conservation of a model system
Perspect. Plant Ecol. Evol. Syst. 52 , art. 125631
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22154 Craven, D., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E., Bialic-Murphy, L., Chase, J.M. (2019):
Dissecting macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns of forest biodiversity across the Hawaiian archipelago
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116 (33), 16436 - 16441
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21061 Craven, D., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E., Bialic-Murphy, L., Cordell, S., Giardina, C.P., Gillespie, T.W., Ostertag, R., Sack, L., Chase, J.M. (2018):
OpenNahele: the open Hawaiian forest plot database
Biodiver. Data J. 6 , e28406
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21722 Westerband, A.C., Kagawa-Viviani, A.K., Bogner, K.K., Beilman, D.W., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E. (2019):
Seedling drought tolerance and functional traits vary in response to the timing of water availability in a keystone Hawaiian tree species
Plant Ecol. 220 (3), 321 - 344
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24008 Westerband, A.C., Knight, T.M., Barton, K.E. (2021):
Intraspecific trait variation and reversals of trait strategies across key climate gradients in native Hawaiian plants and non-native invaders
Ann. Bot. 127 (4), 553 - 564
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