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9753 Anton, C., Young, J., Harrison, P.A., Musche, M., Bela, G., Feld, C.K., Harrington, R., Haslett, J.R., Pataki, G., Rounsevell, M.D.A., Skourtos, M., Sousa, J.P., Sykes, M.T., Tinch, R., Vandewalle, M., Watt, A., Settele, J. (2010):
Research needs for incorporating the ecosystem service approach into EU biodiversity conservation policy
Biodivers. Conserv. 19 (10), 2979 - 2994
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15855 de Bello, F., Vandewalle, M., Reitalu, T., Lepš, J., Prentice, H.C., Lavorel, S., Sykes, M.T. (2013):
Evidence for scale- and disturbance-dependent trait assembly patterns in dry semi-natural grasslands
J. Ecol. 101 (5), 1237 - 1244
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10051 Harrison, P.A., Vandewalle, M., Sykes, M.T., Berry, P.M., Bugter, R., de Bello, F., Feld, C.K., Grandin, U., Harrington, R., Haslett, J.R., Jongman, R.H.G., Luck, G.W., da Silva, P.M., Moora, M., Settele, J., Sousa, J.P., Zobel, M. (2010):
Identifying and prioritising services in European terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems
Biodivers. Conserv. 19 (10), 2791 - 2821
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10078 Henle, K., Kunin, W., Schweiger, O., Schmeller, D.S., Grobelnik, V., Matsinos, Y., Pantis, J., Penev, L., Potts, S.G., Ring, I., Similä, J., Tzanopoulos, J., van den Hove, S., Baguette, M., Clobert, J., Excoffier, L., Framstad, E., Grodzińska-Jurczak, M., Lengyel, S., Marty, P., Moilanen, A., Porcher, E., Storch, D., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Sykes, M.T., Zobel, M., Settele, J. (2010):
Securing the conservation of biodiversity across administrative levels and spatial, temporal, and ecological scales - research needs and approaches of the SCALES project
GAIA 19 (3), 187 - 193
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264 Hickler, T., Fronzek, S., Araujo, M.B., Schweiger, O., Thuiller, W., Sykes, M.T. (2009):
An ecosystem model-based estimate of changes in water availability differs from water proxies that are commonly used in species distribution models
Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 18 (3), 304 - 313
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10094 Hickler, T., Vohland, K., Costa, L., Cramer, W., Miller, P.A., Smith, B., Feehan, J., Kühn, I., Sykes, M.T. (2010):
Vegetation on the move - where do conservation strategies have to be redefined?
In: Settele, J., Penev, L., Georgiev, T., Grabaum, R., Grobelnik, V., Hammen, V., Klotz, S., Kotarac, M., Kühn, I. (eds.)
Atlas of biodiversity risk
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 238 - 239
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11959 Hickler, T., Vohland, K., Feehan, J., Miller, P.A., Smith, B., Costa, L., Giesecke, T., Fronzek, S., Carter, T.R., Cramer, W., Kühn, I., Sykes, M.T. (2012):
Projecting the future distribution of european potential natural vegetation zones with a generalized, tree species-based dynamic vegetation model
Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 21 (1), 50 - 63
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1160 Kühn, I., Sykes, M.T., Berry, P.M., Thuiller, W., Piper, J.M., Nigmann, U., Araujo, M.B., Balletto, E., Bonelli, S., Cabeza, M., Guisan, A., Hickler, T., Klotz, S., Metzger, M., Midgley, G., Musche, M., Olofsson, J., Paterson, J.S., Penev, L., Rickebusch, S., Rounsevell, M.D.A.R., Schweiger, O., Wilson, E., Settele, J. (2008):
MACIS: Minimisation of and Adaption to Climate change Impacts on biodiverSity
GAIA 17 (4), 393 - 395
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15856 Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Y., de Bello, F., Vandewalle, M., Leps, J., Sykes, M.T. (2014):
Species richness of limestone grasslands increases with trait overlap: evidence from within- and between-species functional diversity partitioning
J. Ecol. 102 (2), 466 - 474
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378 Luck, G.W., Harrington, R., Harrison, P.A., Kremen, C., Berry, P.M., Bugter, R., Dawson, T.P., de Bello, F., Díaz, S., Feld, C.K., Haslett, J.R., Hering, D., Kontogianni, A., Lavorel, S., Rounsevell, M., Samways, M.J., Sandin, L., Settele, J., Sykes, M.T., van den Hove, S., Vandewalle, M., Zobel, M. (2009):
Quantifying the contribution of organisms to the provision of ecosystem services
Bioscience 59 (3), 223 - 235
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13724 Purschke, O., Schmid, B.C., Sykes, M.T., Poschlod, P., Michalski, S.G., Durka, W., Kühn, I., Winter, M., Prentice, H.C. (2013):
Contrasting changes in taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity during a long-term succession: insights into assembly processes
J. Ecol. 101 (4), 857 - 866
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14326 Purschke, O., Sykes, M.T., Poschlod, P., Michalski, S.G., Römermann, C., Durka, W., Kühn, I., Prentice, H.C. (2014):
Interactive effects of landscape history and current management on dispersal trait diversity in grassland plant communities
J. Ecol. 102 (2), 437 - 446
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1349 Rickebusch, S., Thuiller, W., Hickler, T., Araujo, M.B., Sykes, M.T., Schweiger, O., Lafourcade, B. (2008):
Incorporating the effects of changes in vegetation functioning and CO2 on water availability in plant habitat models
Biol. Lett. 4 (5), 556 - 559
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10509 Schweiger, O., Biesmeijer, J.C., Bommarco, R., Hickler, T., Hulme, P.E., Klotz, S., Kühn, I., Moora, M., Nielsen, A., Ohlemüller, R., Petanidou, T., Potts, S.G., Pyšek, P., Stout, J.C., Sykes, M.T., Tscheulin, T., Vilà, M., Walther, G.-R., Westphal, C., Winter, M., Zobel, M., Settele, J. (2010):
Multiple stressors on biotic interactions: how climate change and alien species interact to affect pollination
Biol. Rev. 85 (4), 777 - 795
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11957 Settele, J., Carter, T.R., Kühn, I., Spangenberg, J.H., Sykes, M.T. (2012):
Scenarios as a tool for large-scale ecological research: experiences and legacy of the ALARM project
Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 21 (1), 1 - 4
Volltext (DOI)
11958 Spangenberg, J.H., Bondeau, A., Carter, T.R., Fronzek, S., Jaeger, J., Jylhä, K., Kühn, I., Omann, I., Paul, A., Reginster, I., Rounsevell, M., Schweiger, O., Stocker, A., Sykes, M.T., Settele, J. (2012):
Scenarios for investigating risks to biodiversity
Glob. Ecol. Biogeogr. 21 (1), 5 - 18
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10541 Spangenberg, J.H., Fronzek, S., Hammen, V., Hickler, T., Jäger, J., Jylhä, K., Kühn, I., Marion, G., Maxim, L., Monterroso, I., O'Connor, M., Omann, I., Reginster, I., Rodríguez-Labajos, B., Rounsevell, M., Sykes, M.T., Vighi, M., Settele, J. (2010):
The ALARM scenarios: storylines and simulations for assessing biodiversity risks in Europe
In: Settele, J., Penev, L., Georgiev, T., Grabaum, R., Grobelnik, V., Hammen, V., Klotz, S., Kotarac, M., Kühn, I. (eds.)
Atlas of biodiversity risk
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 10 - 15
10567 Sykes, M.T., Hickler, T., Settele, J. (2010):
Aspects of the future of biodiversity and biodiversity research
In: Settele, J., Penev, L., Georgiev, T., Grabaum, R., Grobelnik, V., Hammen, V., Klotz, S., Kotarac, M., Kühn, I. (eds.)
Atlas of biodiversity risk
Pensoft, Sofia, p. 232 - 233
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14505 Vandewalle, M., Purschke, O., de Bello, F., Reitalu, H.C., Prentice, H.C., Lavorel, S., Johansson, L.J., Sykes, M.T. (2014):
Functional responses of plant communities to management, landscape and historical factors in semi-natural grasslands
J. Veg. Sci. 25 (3), 750 - 759
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689 Walther, G.-R., Roques, A., Hulme, P.E., Sykes, M.T., Pyšek, P., Kühn, I., Zobel, M., Bacher, S., Botta-Dukát, Z., Bugmann, H., Czúcz, B., Dauber, J., Hickler, T., Jarošík, V., Kenis, M., Klotz, S., Minchin, D., Moora, M., Nentwig, W., Ott, J., Panov, V.E., Reineking, B., Robinet, C., Semenchenko, V., Solarz, W., Thuiller, W., Vilà, M., Vohland, K., Settele, J. (2009):
Alien species in a warmer world - risks and opportunities
Trends Ecol. Evol. 24 (12), 686 - 693
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