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17856 Cuntz, M., Mai, J., Samaniego, L., Clark, M., Wulfmeyer, V., Branch, O., Attinger, S., Thober, S. (2016):
The impact of standard and hard-coded parameters on the hydrologic fluxes in the Noah-MP land surface model
J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 121 (18), 10676 - 10700
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16456 Cuntz, M., Mai, J., Zink, M., Thober, S., Kumar, R., Schäfer, D., Schrön, M., Craven, J., Rakovec, O., Spieler, D., Prykhodko, V., Dalmasso, G., Musuuza, J., Langenberg, B., Attinger, S., Samaniego, L. (2015):
Computationally inexpensive identification of noninformative model parameters by sequential screening
Water Resour. Res. 51 (8), 6417 - 6441
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25071 Elkouk, A., El Morjani, Z.E.A., Pokhrel, Y., Chehbouni, A., Sifeddine, A., Thober, S., Bouchaou, L. (2021):
Multi-model ensemble projections of soil moisture drought over North Africa and the Sahel region under 1.5, 2, and 3 °C global warming
Clim. Change 167 (3-4), art. 52
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24707 Feigl, M., Herrnegger, M., Schweppe, R., Thober, S., Klotz, D., Samaniego, L., Schulz, K. (2021):
Regionalisierung hydrologischer Modelle mit Function Space Optimization. Regionalization of hydrological models using function space optimization
Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft 73 (7-8), 281 - 294
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24939 Feigl, M., Herrnegger, M., Schweppe, R., Thober, S., Klotz, D., Samaniego, L., Schulz, K. (2021):
Erratum zu: Regionalisierung hydrologischer Modelle mit Function Space Optimization
Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft 73 (7-8), 351 - 351
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21332 Jing, M., Kumar, R., Heße, F., Thober, S., Rakovec, O., Samaniego, L., Attinger, S. (2020):
Assessing the response of groundwater quantity and travel time distribution to 1.5, 2, and 3 °C global warming in a mesoscale central German basin
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 24 (3), 1511 - 1526
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23863 Kumar, R., Heße, F., Rao, P.S.C., Musolff, A., Jawitz, J.W., Sarrazin, F., Samaniego, L., Fleckenstein, J.H., Rakovec, O., Thober, S., Attinger, S. (2020):
Strong hydroclimatic controls on vulnerability to subsurface nitrate contamination across Europe
Nat. Commun. 11 , art. 6302
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21437 Marx, A., Erhard, M., Thober, S., Kumar, R., Schäfer, D., Samaniego, L., Zink, M. (2019):
Climate change as driver for ecosystem services risk and opportunities
In: Schröter, M., Bonn, A., Klotz, S., Seppelt, R., Baessler, C. (eds.)
Atlas of ecosystem services : drivers, risks, and societal responses
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 173 - 178
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19115 Marx, A., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Rakovec, O., Wanders, N., Zink, M., Wood, E.F., Pan, M., Sheffield, J., Samaniego, L. (2018):
Climate change alters low flows in Europe under global warming of 1.5, 2, and 3 °C
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 22 (2), 1017 - 1032
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17277 Marx, A., Samaniego, L., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Mai, J., Zink, M. (2016):
Der Dürremonitor – Aktuelle Information zur Bodenfeuchte in Deutschland
In: Wernecke, G., Ebner von Eschenbach, A.-D., Strunck, Y., Kirschbauer, L., Müller, A. (Hrsg.)
Wasserressourcen – Wissen im Flussgebieten vernetzen. Beiträge zum Tag der Hydrologie am 17./18. März 2016 in Koblenz, ausgerichtet von der Hochschule Koblenz und der Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
Forum für Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung 37
Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall (DWA), Hennef, S. 131 - 142
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17286 Nijzink, R.C., Samaniego, L., Mai, J., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Zink, M., Schäfer, D., Savenije, H.H.G., Hrachowitz, M. (2016):
The importance of topography-controlled sub-grid process heterogeneity and semi-quantitative prior constraints in distributed hydrological models
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 20 (3), 1151 - 1176
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18716 Peichl, M., Thober, S., Meyer, V., Samaniego, L. (2018):
The effect of soil moisture anomalies on maize yield in Germany
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 18 (3), 889 - 906
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23930 Peichl, M., Thober, S., Samaniego, L., Hansjürgens, B., Marx, A. (2021):
Machine learning methods to assess the effects of a non-linear damage spectrum taking into account soil moisture on winter wheat yields in Germany
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 25 (12), 6523 - 6545
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21886 Peichl, M., Thober, S., Samaniego, L., Hansjürgens, B., Marx, A. (2019):
Climate impacts on long-term silage maize yield in Germany
Sci. Rep. 9 , art. 7674
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16546 Rakovec, O., Kumar, R., Mai, J., Cuntz, M., Thober, S., Zink, M., Attinger, S., Schäfer, D., Schrön, M., Samaniego, L. (2016):
Multiscale and multivariate evaluation of water fluxes and states over European river basins
J. Hydrometeorol. 17 (1), 287 - 307
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22606 Rakovec, O., Mizukami, N., Kumar, R., Newman, A.J., Thober, S., Wood, A.W., Clark, M.P., Samaniego, L. (2019):
Diagnostic evaluation of large-domain hydrologic models calibrated across the contiguous United States
J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 124 (24), 13991 - 14007
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24468 Saha, T.R., Shrestha, P.K., Rakovec, O., Thober, S., Samaniego, L. (2021):
A drought monitoring tool for South Asia
Environ. Res. Lett. 16 (5), art. 054014
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18503 Samaniego, L., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Rakovec, O., Zink, M., Wanders, N., Eisner, S., Müller Schmied, H., Sutanudjaja, E.H., Warrach-Sagi, K., Attinger, S. (2017):
Toward seamless hydrologic predictions across spatial scales
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 21 (9), 4323 - 4346
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20184 Samaniego, L., Thober, S., Kumar, R., Wanders, N., Rakovec, O., Pan, M., Zink, M., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F., Marx, A. (2018):
Anthropogenic warming exacerbates European soil moisture droughts
Nat. Clim. Chang. 8 (5), 421 - 426
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22119 Samaniego, L., Thober, S., Wanders, N., Pan, M., Rakovec, O., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F., Prudhomme, C., Rees, G., Houghton-Carr, H., Fry, M., Smith, K., Watts, G., Hisdal, H., Estrela, T., Buontempo, C., Marx, A., Kumar, R. (2019):
Hydrological forecasts and projections for improved decision-making in the water sector in Europe
Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc. 100 (12), 2451 - 2471
Volltext (DOI)
25436 Schweppe, R., Thober, S., Kelbling, M., Kumar, R., Attinger, S., Samaniego, L. (2021):
MPR 1.0: A stand-alone multiscale parameter regionalization tool for improved parameter estimation of land surface models
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.
Volltext (DOI)
21483 Thober, S., Cuntz, M., Kelbling, M., Kumar, R., Mai, J., Samaniego, L. (2019):
The multiscale routing model mRM v1.0: simple river routing at resolutions from 1 to 50 km
Geosci. Model Dev. 12 (6), 2501 - 2521
Volltext (DOI)
16457 Thober, S., Kumar, R., Sheffield, J., Mai, J., Schäfer, D., Samaniego, L. (2015):
Seasonal soil moisture drought prediction over Europe using the North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME)
J. Hydrometeorol. 16 (6), 2329 - 2344
Volltext (DOI)
19656 Thober, S., Kumar, R., Wanders, N., Marx, A., Pan, M., Rakovec, O., Samaniego, L., Sheffield, J., Wood, E.F., Zink, M. (2018):
Multi-model ensemble projections of European river floods and high flows at 1.5, 2, and 3 degrees global warming
Environ. Res. Lett. 13 (1), art. 014003
Volltext (DOI)
15364 Thober, S., Mai, J., Zink, M., Samaniego, L. (2014):
Stochastic temporal disaggregation of monthly precipitation for regional gridded data sets
Water Resour. Res. 50 (11), 8714 - 8735
Volltext (DOI)
14329 Thober, S., Samaniego, L. (2014):
Robust ensemble selection by multivariate evaluation of extreme precipitation and temperature characteristics
J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos. 119 (2), 594 - 613
Volltext (DOI)
22041 Visser-Quinn, A., Beevers, L., Collet, L., Formetta, G., Smith, K., Wanders, N., Thober, S., Pan, M., Kumar, R. (2019):
Spatio-temporal analysis of compound hydro-hazard extremes across the UK
Adv. Water Resour. 130 , 77 - 90
Volltext (DOI)
21098 Wanders, N., Thober, S., Kumar, R., Pan, M., Sheffield, J., Samaniego, L., Wood, E.F. (2019):
Development and evaluation of a Pan-European multimodel seasonal hydrological forecasting system
J. Hydrometeorol. 20 (1), 99 - 115
Volltext (DOI)
17620 Zink, M., Samaniego, L., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Mai, J., Schäfer, D., Marx, A. (2016):
The German drought monitor
Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (7), art. 074002
Volltext (DOI)
21035 Zink, M., Samaniego, L., Kumar, R., Thober, S., Mai, J., Schäfer, D., Marx, A. (2018):
A national scale planning tool for agricultural droughts in Germany
In: Friesen, J., Rodríguez-Sinobas, L. (eds.)
Advanced tools for integrated water resources management
Advances in Chemical Pollution, Environmental Management and Protection 3
Elsevier, p. 147 - 169
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