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24836 Bastida, F., Jehmlich, N., Starke, R., Benndorf, D., López-Mondéjar, R., Plaza, C., Freixino, Z., Ramírez-Ortuño, C., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Díaz-López, M., Vera, A., Moreno, J.L., Eldridge, D.J., García, C., Delgado-Baquerizo, M. (2021):
Structure and function of bacterial metaproteomes across biomes
Soil Biol. Biochem. 160 , art. 108331
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19284 Bastida, F., Torres, I.F., Andrés-Abellán, M., Baldrian, P., López-Mondéjar, R., Větrovský, T., Richnow, H.H., Starke, R., Ondoño, S., García, C., López-Serrano, F., Jehmlich, N. (2017):
Differential sensitivity of total and active soil microbial communities to drought and forest management
Glob. Change Biol. 23 (10), 4185 - 4203
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17869 Bastida, F., Torres, I.F., Moreno, J.L., Baldrian, P., Ondoño, S., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Hernández, T., Richnow, H.H., Starke, R., García, C., Jehmlich, N. (2016):
The active microbial diversity drives ecosystem multifunctionality and is physiologically related to carbon availability in Mediterranean semi-arid soils
Mol. Ecol. 25 (18), 4660 - 4673
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15877 Hoth, N., Gniese, C., Rakoczy, J., Weber, A., Kümmel, S., Reichel, S., Freese, C., Hache, M., Kassahun, A., Schulz, A., Fischer, H., Mühling, M., Starke, R., Kahnt, R., Vogt, C., Richnow, H.-H., Krüger, M., Schippers, A., Schlömann, M. (2015):
CO2BioPerm — influence of bio-geochemical CO2-transformation processes on the long-term permeability
In: Liebscher, A., Münch, U. (eds.)
Geological Storage of CO2 – Long Term Security Aspects. GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Science Report No. 22
Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 73 - 96
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16874 Keller, A.H., Schleinitz, K.M., Starke, R., Bertilsson, S., Vogt, C., Kleinsteuber, S. (2015):
Metagenome-based metabolic reconstruction revealsthe ecophysiological function of Epsilonproteobacteria in a hydrocarbon-contaminated sulfidic aquifer
Front. Microbiol. 6 , art. 1396
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17324 Kümmel, S., Starke, R., Chen, G., Musat, F., Richnow, H.H., Vogt, C. (2016):
Hydrogen isotope fractionation as a tool to identify aerobic and anaerobic PAH biodegradation
Environ. Sci. Technol. 50 (6), 3091 - 3100
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15889 Kurteva-Yaneva, N., Zahn, M., Weichler, M.-T., Starke, R., Harms, H., Müller, R.H., Sträter, N., Rohwerder, T. (2015):
Structural basis of the stereospecificity of bacterial B12-dependent 2-hydroxyisobutyryl-CoA mutase
J. Biol. Chem. 290 , 9727 - 9737
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23652 Schäpe, S.S., Krause, J.L., Masanetz, R.K., Riesbeck, S., Starke, R., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Eberlein, C., Heipieper, H.J., Herberth, G., von Bergen, M., Jehmlich, N. (2020):
Environmentally relevant concentration of bisphenol S shows slight effects on SIHUMIx
Microorganisms 8 (9), art. 1436
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19212 Starke, R., Bastida, F., Abadía, J., García, C., Nicolás, E., Jehmlich, N. (2017):
Ecological and functional adaptations to water management in a semiarid agroecosystem: a soil metaproteomics approach
Sci. Rep. 7 , art. 10221
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22832 Starke, R., Capek, P., Morais, D., Callister, S.J., Jehmlich, N. (2020):
The total microbiome functions in bacteria and fungi
J. Proteomics 213 , art. 103623
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22930 Starke, R., Capek, P., Morais, D., Jehmlich, N., Baldrian, P. (2020):
Explorative meta-analysis of 377 extant fungal genomes predicted a total mycobiome functionality of 42.4 million KEGG functions
Front. Microbiol. 11 , art. 143
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24399 Starke, R., Fernandes, M.L.P., Morais, D.K., Odriozola, I., Baldrian, P., Jehmlich, N. (2021):
Explorative meta-analysis of 417 extant archaeal genomes to predict their contribution to the total microbiome functionality
Microorganisms 9 (2), art. 381
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21790 Starke, R., Jehmlich, N., Alfaro, T., Dohnalkova, A., Capek, P., Bell, S.L., Hofmockel, K.S. (2019):
Incomplete cell disruption of resistant microbes
Sci. Rep. 9 , art. 5618
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21121 Starke, R., Jehmlich, N., Bastida, F. (2019):
Using proteins to study how microbes contribute to soil ecosystem services: The current state and future perspectives of soil metaproteomics
J. Proteomics 198 , 50 - 58
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17325 Starke, R., Keller, A., Jehmlich, N., Vogt, C., Richnow, H.H., Kleinsteuber, S., von Bergen, M., Seifert, J. (2016):
Pulsed 13C2-acetate protein-SIP unveils Epsilonproteobacteria as dominant acetate utilizers in a sulfate-reducing microbial community mineralizing benzene
Microb. Ecol. 71 (4), 901 - 911
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17651 Starke, R., Kermer, R., Ullmann-Zeunert, L., Baldwin, I.T., Seifert, J., Bastida, F., von Bergen, M., Jehmlich, N. (2016):
Bacteria dominate the short-term assimilation of plant-derived N in soil
Soil Biol. Biochem. 96 , 30 - 38
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18442 Starke, R., Müller, M., Gaspar, M., Marz, M., Küsel, K., Totsche, K.U., von Bergen, M., Jehmlich, N. (2017):
Candidate Brocadiales dominates C, N and S cycling in anoxic groundwater of a pristine limestone-fracture aquifer
J. Proteomics 152 , 153 - 160
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23172 Starke, R., Oliphant, K., Jehmlich, N., Schäpe, S.S., Sachsenberg, T., Kohlbacher, O., Allen-Vercoe, E., von Bergen, M. (2020):
Tracing incorporation of heavy water into proteins for species-specific metabolic activity in complex communities
J. Proteomics 222 , art. 103791
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23292 Starke, R., Oliphant, K., Jehmlich, N., Schäpe, S.S., Sachsenberg, T., Kohlbacher, O., Allen-Vercoe, E., von Bergen, M. (2020):
Corrigendum to Tracing incorporation of heavy water into proteins for species-specific metabolic activity in complex communities
J. Proteomics 224 , art. 103829
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23769 Starke, R., Schäpe, S.S., Jehmlich, N., von Bergen, M. (2021):
Protein stable isotope probing with H218O differentiated cold stress response at permissive temperatures from general growth at optimal conditions in Escherichia coli K12
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 35 (1), e8941
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24284 Starke, R., Siles, J.A., Fernandes, M.L.P., Schallert, K., Benndorf, D., Plaza, C., Jehmlich, N., Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Bastida, F. (2021):
The structure and function of soil archaea across biomes
J. Proteomics 237 , art. 104147
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19784 Warnke, M., Jacoby, C., Jung, T., Agne, M., Mergelsberg, M., Starke, R., Jehmlich, N., von Bergen, M., Richnow, H.-H., Brüls, T., Boll, M. (2017):
A patchwork pathway for oxygenase-independent degradation of side chain containing steroids
Environ. Microbiol. 19 (11), 4684 - 4699
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