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13912 Chen, L., Meissner, R., Zhang, Y., Xiao, H. (2013):
Studies on dew formation and its meteorological factors
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 11 (2), 1063 - 1068
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18823 Chen, L., Zheng, Y., Gao, C., Mi, X.-C., Ma, K.-P., Wubet, T., Guo, L.-D. (2017):
Phylogenetic relatedness explains highly interconnected and nested symbiotic networks of woody plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a Chinese subtropical forest
Mol. Ecol. 26 (9), 2563 - 2575
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7071 Darmstadt, H., Cao, N.-Z., Pantea, D.M., Roy, C., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Donnet, J.-B., Wang, T.K., Peng, C.H., Donnelly, P.J. (2000):
Surface activity and chemistry of thermal carbon blacks
Rubber Chem. Technol. 73 (2), 293 - 309
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7072 Darmstadt, H., Pantea, D.M., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Roy, C., Kaliaguine, S. (2000):
Surface and bulk chemistry of charcoal obtained by vacuum pyrolysis of bark: influence of feedstock moisture content
J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis 53 (1), 1 - 17
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9197 Darmstadt, H., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Roy, C., Kaliaguine, S., Adnot, A. (1997):
Surface vs. bulk chemistry of pyrolytic carbon blacks by SIMS and Raman spectroscopy
Surf. Interface Anal. 25 (4), 245 - 253
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9196 Darmstadt, H., Sümmchen, L., Ting, J.M., Roland, U., Kaliaguine, S., Roy, C. (1997):
Effects of surface treatment on the bulk chemistry and structure of vapor grown carbon fibers
Carbon 35 (10-11), 1581 - 1585
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15505 Gao, C., Zhang, Y., Shi, N.-N., Zheng, Y., Chen, L., Wubet, T., Bruelheide, H., Both, S., Buscot, F., Ding, Q., Erfmeier, A., Kühn, P., Nadrowski, K., Scholten, T., Guo, L.-D. (2015):
Community assembly of ectomycorrhizal fungi along a subtropical secondary forest succession
New Phytol. 205 (2), 771 - 785
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18356 Imber, M., Huyen, N.T.T., Pietrzyk-Brzezinska, A.J., Loi, V.V., Hillion, M., Bernhardt, J., Thärichen, L., Kolšek, K., Saleh, M., Hamilton, C.J., Adrian, L., Gräter, F., Wahl, M.C., Antelmann, H. (2018):
Protein S-bacillithiolation functions in thiol protection and redox regulation of the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase Gap in Staphylococcus aureus under hypochlorite stress
Antioxid. Redox Signal. 28 (6), 410 - 430
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9577 Roland, U., Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L. (1997):
Electronic effects of hydrogen spillover on titania
In: Li, C., Xin, Q. (eds.)
Spillover and migration of surface species on catalysts
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 112
Elsevier, p. 339 - 348
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8968 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Born, R. (1998):
Step-scan FT-NIR Raman spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Europe 10 (2), 8 - 12
8355 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Born, R. (1999):
Reply to the comment of P. Hendra, Step-scan FT-NIR
Spectroscopy Europe 11 , 32
8966 Salzer, R., Sümmchen, L., Roland, U., Kolitsch, A. (1998):
Characterization of superhard CNx films by Raman spectroscopy
Proceedings XVI International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy
Wiley, Chichester, p. 504 - 505
691 Wang, B., Chen, J., Li, X., Wang, Y., Chen, L., Zhu, M., Yu, H., Kühne, R., Schüürmann, G. (2009):
Estimation of soil organic carbon normalized sorption coefficient (Koc) using least squares-support vector machine
QSAR Comb. Sci. 28 (5), 561 - 567
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20996 Wu, B.-W., Gao, C., Chen, L., Buscot, F., Goldmann, K., Purahong, W., Ji, N.-N., Wang, Y.-L., Lü, P.-P., Li, X.-C., Guo, L.-D. (2018):
Host phylogeny is a major determinant of Fagaceae-associated ectomycorrhizal fungal community assembly at a regional scale
Front. Microbiol. 9 , art. 2409
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16241 Wu, S., Lv, T., Kuschk, P., Chen, L., Dong, R.J. (2013):
Comparative laboratory-scale study of resorcinol and nitrogen removal in different treatment wetlands
In: Zhao, J., Iranpour, R., Li, X., Jin, B. (eds.)
Advances in environmental technologies : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2013), April 19-21, 2013, Guilin, China
Advanced Materials Research 726-731
Trans Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, p. 1643 - 1653
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21914 Xu, C., Niu, L., Guo, H., Sun, X., Chen, L., Tu, W., Dai, Q., Ye, J., Liu, W., Liu, J. (2019):
Long-term exposure to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) naproxen causes thyroid disruption in zebrafish at environmentally relevant concentrations
Sci. Total Environ. 676 , 387 - 395
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24823 Yang, K., Yin, R., Peñuelas, J., Li, Z., Tan, B., You, C., Wang, L., Liu, Y., Zhang, L., Li, H., Liu, S., Chen, L., Zhang, J., Xu, Z. (2021):
Divergent effects of snow exclusion on microbial variables across aggregate size classes
Catena 206 , art. 105481
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722 Yao, J., Wang, F., Tian, L., Zhou, Y., Chen, L., Chen, K., Gai, N., Zhuang, R.S., Maskow, T., Ceccanti, B., Zaray, G. (2009):
Studying the toxic effect of cadmium and hexavalent chromium on microbial activity of a soil and pure microbe
J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 95 (2), 517 - 524
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