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18311 Galic, N., Grimm, V., Forbes, V.E. (2017):
Impaired ecosystem process despite little effects on populations: modeling combined effects of warming and toxicants
Glob. Change Biol. 23 (8), 2973 - 2989
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13467 Galic, N., Hengeveld, G., van den Brink, P.J., Schmolke, A., Thorbek, P., Baveco, H.M. (2013):
Persistence of aquatic insects across managed landscapes: effects of landscape permeability on re-colonization and population recovery
PLOS One 8 (1), e54584
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12296 Galic, N., Schmolke, A., Forbes, V., Bavec, H., van den Brink, P.J. (2012):
The role of ecological models in linking ecological risk assessment to ecosystem services in agroecosystems
Sci. Total Environ. 415 , 93 - 100
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19935 Galic, N., Sullivan, L.L., Grimm, V., Forbes, V.E. (2018):
When things don’t add up: quantifying impacts of multiple stressors from individual metabolism to ecosystem processing
Ecol. Lett. 21 (4), 568 - 577
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