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16769 Akyol, C., Ozbayram, E.G., Kleinsteuber, S., Ince, B. (2016):
Anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure and barley: Effect of cow manure to barley ratio on methane production and digestion stability
Environ. Prog. Sustain. Energy 35 (2), 589 - 595
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22310 Baleeiro, F.C.F., Kleinsteuber, S., Neumann, A., Sträuber, H. (2019):
Syngas-aided anaerobic fermentation for medium-chain carboxylate and alcohol production: the case for microbial communities
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 103 (21-22), 8689 - 8709
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10719 Bombach, P., Hübschmann, T., Fetzer, I., Kleinsteuber, S., Geyer, R., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2011):
Resolution of natural microbial community dynamics by community fingerprinting, flow cytometry, and trend interpretation analysis
In: Müller, S., Bley, T. (eds.)
High resolution microbial single cell analytics
Adv. Biochem. Eng. Biotechnol. 124
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. 151 - 181
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21502 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Becker, D., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2019):
Determination of microbial maintenance in acetogenesis and methanogenesis by experimental and modeling techniques
Front. Microbiol. 10 , art. 166
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20988 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2018):
Intermittent fasting for microbes: how discontinuous feeding increases functional stability in anaerobic digestion
Biotechnol. Biofuels 11 , art. 274
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21221 Bonk, F., Popp, D., Weinrich, S., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Centler, F. (2018):
Ammonia inhibition of anaerobic volatile fatty acid degrading microbial communities
Front. Microbiol. 9 , art. 2921
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15214 Bozinovski, D., Taubert, M., Kleinsteuber, S., Richnow, H.-H., von Bergen, M., Vogt, C., Seifert, J. (2014):
Metaproteogenomic analysis of a sulfate-reducing enrichment culture reveals genomic organization of key enzymes in the m-xylene degradation pathway and metabolic activity of proteobacteria
Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 37 (7), 488 - 501
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17292 Bühligen, F., Lucas, R., Nikolausz, M., Kleinsteuber, S. (2016):
A T-RFLP database for the rapid profiling of methanogenic communities in anaerobic digesters
Anaerobe 39 , 114 - 116
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22251 Chowdhury, R., Ghosh, S., Manna, D., Das, S., Dutta, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Sträuber, H., Hassan, M.K., Kuittinen, S., Pappinen, A. (2019):
Hybridization of sugar-carboxylate-syngas platforms for the production of bio-alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass (LCB) – A state-of-the-art review and recommendations
Energy Conv. Manag. 200 , art. 112111
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15215 Dorer, C., Vogt, C., Kleinsteuber, S., Stams, A.J.M., Richnow, H.-H. (2014):
Compound-specific isotope analysis as a tool to characterize biodegradation of ethylbenzene
Environ. Sci. Technol. 48 (16), 9122 - 9132
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20939 Günther, S., Becker, D., Hübschmann, T., Reinert, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Müller, S., Wilhelm, C. (2018):
Long-term biogas production from glycolate by diverse and highly dynamic communities
Microorganisms 6 (4), art. 130
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220 Günther, S., Trutnau, M., Kleinsteuber, S., Hause, G., Bley, T., Röske, I., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2009):
Dynamics of polyphosphate-accumulating bacteria in wastewater treatment plant microbial communities detected via DAPI (4',6'-diamidino-2-phenylindole) and tetracycline labeling
Appl. Environ. Microb. 75 (7), 2111 - 2121
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10087 Herrmann, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Chatzinotas, A., Kuppardt, A., Lueders, T., Richnow, H.H., Vogt, C. (2010):
Functional characterization of an anaerobic benzene-degrading enrichment culture by DNA stable isotope probing
Environ. Microbiol. 12 (2), 401 - 411
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1030 Herrmann, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Neu, T.R., Richnow, H.H., Vogt, C. (2008):
Enrichment of anaerobic benzene-degrading microorganisms by in situ microcosms
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 63 (1), 94 - 106
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4925 Hoffmann, D., Kleinsteuber, S., Müller, R.H., Babel, W. (2003):
A transposon encoding the complete 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid degradation pathway in the alkalitolerant strain Delftia acidovorans P4a
Microbiology-(UK) 149 (9), 2545 - 2556
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6431 Hoffmann, D., Kleinsteuber, S., Müller, R.H., Babel, W. (2001):
Development and application of PCR primers for the detection of the tfd genes in Delftia acidovorans P4a involved in the degradation of 2,4-D
Acta Biotechnol. 21 (4), 321 - 331
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10122 Jehmlich, N., Kleinsteuber, S., Vogt, C., Benndorf, D., Harms, H., Schmidt, F., von Bergen, M., Seifert, J. (2010):
Phylogenetic and proteomic analysis of an anaerobic toluene-degrading community
J. Appl. Microbiol. 109 (6), 1937 - 1945
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19989 Kahl, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Nivala, J., van Afferden, M., Reemtsma, T. (2018):
Emerging biodegradation of the previously persistent artificial sweetener acesulfame in biological wastewater treatment
Environ. Sci. Technol. 55 (5), 2717 - 2725
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19518 Keller, A.H., Kleinsteuber, S., Vogt, C. (2018):
Anaerobic benzene mineralization by nitrate-reducing and sulfate-reducing microbial consortia enriched
from the same site: comparison of community composition and degradation characteristics

Microb. Ecol. 75 (4), 941 - 953
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20246 Keller, A.H., Kleinsteuber, S., Vogt, C. (2018):
Correction to: Anaerobic benzene mineralization by nitrate-reducing and sulfate-reducing microbial consortia enriched from the same site: comparison of community composition and degradation characteristics (vol 75, pg 941, 2017)
Microb. Ecol. 75 (4), 954 - 954
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16874 Keller, A.H., Schleinitz, K.M., Starke, R., Bertilsson, S., Vogt, C., Kleinsteuber, S. (2015):
Metagenome-based metabolic reconstruction revealsthe ecophysiological function of Epsilonproteobacteria in a hydrocarbon-contaminated sulfidic aquifer
Front. Microbiol. 6 , art. 1396
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7307 Kiesel, B., Kleinsteuber, S. (2000):
Mikrobiologen bringen Bakterien zum Leuchten
UFZ-Jahresbericht '98-'99
UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, S. 172 - 177
16091 Kiesel, B., Müller, R.H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2007):
Adaptive potential of alkaliphilic bacteria towards chloroaromatic substrates assessed by a gfp-tagged 2,4-D degradation plasmid
Eng. Life Sci. 7 (4), 361 - 372
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15501 Kleinsteuber, S. (2014):
Editorial: Special Issue on "Microbial ecology of anaerobic digestion"
Bioengineering 1 (2), 111 - 112
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8756 Kleinsteuber, S., Hoffmann, D., Müller, R.H., Babel, W. (1998):
Detection of chlorocatechol 1,2-dioxygenase genes in proteobacteria by PCR and gene probes
Acta Biotechnol. 18 (3), 231 - 240
Volltext (DOI)
1105 Kleinsteuber, S., Müller, F.D., Chatzinotas, A., Wendt-Potthoff, K., Harms, H. (2008):
Diversity and in situ quantification of Acidobacteria subdivision 1 in an acidic mining lake
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 63 (1), 107 - 117
Volltext (DOI)
6501 Kleinsteuber, S., Müller, R.H., Babel, W. (2001):
Expression of the 2,4-D degradative pathway of pJP4 in an alkaliphilic, moderately halophilic soda lake isolate, Halomonas sp. EF43
Extremophiles 5 (6), 375 - 384
Volltext (DOI)
2775 Kleinsteuber, S., Riis, V., Fetzer, I., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2006):
Population dynamics within a microbial consortium during growth on diesel fuel in saline environments
Appl. Environ. Microb. 72 (5), 3531 - 3542
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22435 Kleinsteuber, S., Rohwerder, T., Lohse, U., Seiwert, B., Reemtsma, T. (2019):
Sated by a zero-calorie sweetener - wastewater bacteria can feed on acesulfame
Front. Microbiol. 10 , art. 2606
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1106 Kleinsteuber, S., Schleinitz, K.M., Breitfeld, J., Harms, H., Richnow, H.H., Vogt, C. (2008):
Molecular characterization of bacterial communities mineralizing benzene under sulfate-reducing conditions
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 66 (1), 143 - 157
Volltext (DOI)
12316 Kleinsteuber, S., Schleinitz, K.M., Vogt, C. (2012):
Key players and team play: anaerobic microbial communities in hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifers
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 94 (4), 851 - 873
Volltext (DOI)
20090 Kleinsteuber, S. (2018):
Metagenomics of methanogenic communities in anaerobic digesters
In: Stams, A.J.M., Sousa, D.Z. (eds.)
Biogenesis of hydrocarbons
Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology
Springer International Publishing, Cham,
Volltext (DOI)
10178 Koschorreck, M., Geller, W., Neu, T.R., Kleinsteuber, S., Kunze, T., Trosiener, A., Wendt-Potthoff, K. (2010):
Structure and function of the microbial community in an in situ reactor to treat an acidic mine pit lake
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 73 (2), 385 - 395
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22680 Krause, J.L., Schaepe, S.S., Fritz-Wallace, K., Engelmann, B., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Kleinsteuber, S., Schattenberg, F., Liu, Z., Müller, S., Jehmlich, N., von Bergen, M., Herberth, G. (2020):
Following the community development of SIHUMIx – a new intestinal in vitro model for bioreactor use
Gut Microbes 11 (4), 1116 - 1129
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15216 Kuppardt, A., Kleinsteuber, S., Vogt, C., Lüders, T., Harms, H., Chatzinotas, A. (2014):
Phylogenetic and functional diversity within toluene-degrading, sulphate-reducing consortia enriched from a contaminated aquifer
Microb. Ecol. 68 (2), 222 - 234
Volltext (DOI)
21900 Lambrecht, J., Cichocki, N., Schattenberg, F., Kleinsteuber, S., Harms, H., Müller, S., Sträuber, H. (2019):
Key sub‑community dynamics of medium‑chain carboxylate production
Microb. Cell. Fact. 18 , art. 92
Volltext (DOI)
13521 Leibeling, S., Maeß, M.B., Centler, F., Kleinsteuber, S., von Bergen, M., Thullner, M., Harms, H., Müller, R.H. (2013):
Posttranslational oxidative modification of (R)-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)propionate/α-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases (RdpA) leads to improved degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate (2,4-D)
Eng. Life Sci. 13 (3), 278 - 291
Volltext (DOI)
22892 Liu, B., Kleinsteuber, S., Centler, F., Harms, H., Sträuber, H. (2020):
Competition between butyrate fermenters and chain-elongating bacteria limits the efficiency of medium-chain carboxylate production
Front. Microbiol. 11 , art. 336
Volltext (DOI)
23457 Liu, B., Popp, D., Sträuber, H., Harms, H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2020):
Draft genome sequences of three Clostridia isolates involved in lactate-based chain elongation
Microbiol. Resour. Announc. 9 (32), art. e00679-20
Volltext (DOI)
23040 Logroño, W., Popp, D., Kleinsteuber, S., Sträuber, H., Harms, H., Nikolausz, M. (2020):
Microbial resource management for ex situ biomethanation of hydrogen at alkaline pH
Microorganisms 8 , art. 614
Volltext (DOI)
17920 Lucas, R., Groeneveld, J., Harms, H., Johst, K., Frank, K., Kleinsteuber, S. (2017):
A critical evaluation of ecological indices for the comparative analysis of microbial communities based on molecular datasets
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 93 (1), fiw209
Volltext (DOI)
15897 Lucas, R., Kuchenbuch, A., Fetzer, I., Harms, H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2015):
Long-term monitoring reveals stable and remarkably similar microbial communities in parallel full-scale biogas reactors digesting energy crops
FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 91 (3), fiv004
Volltext (DOI)
21058 Lv, Z., Leite, A.F., Harms, H., Glaser, K., Liebetrau, J., Kleinsteuber, S., Nikolausz, M. (2019):
Microbial community shifts in biogas reactors upon complete or partial ammonia inhibition
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 103 (1), 519 - 533
Volltext (DOI)
4331 Maskow, T., Kleinsteuber, S. (2004):
Carbon and energy fluxes during haloadaptation of Halomonas sp. EF11 growing on phenol
Extremophiles 8 (2), 133 - 141
Volltext (DOI)
12485 Maskow, T., Paufler, S., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2012):
The potential of calorespirometry for control and analysis of biogas processes
1st UFZ Energy Days 2012: 4-5 April 2012 ; book of abstracts
UFZ-Bericht 6/2012
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, p. 8
2859 Meier, J., Kleinsteuber, S., Bozau, E., Koschorreck, M., Geller, W., Wendt-Potthoff, K. (2006):
Remediation from a microbial point of view - the pilot scale neutralization experiment in acidic pit lake 111 (Lusatia, Germany)
Reclamation and Remediation: Policy to Practice. Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) and International Affiliation of Land Reclamationists (IALR) Conference Proceedings, Ottawa/Ontario, 20.-23.8.2006
22494 Mogodiniyai Kasmaei, K., Schlosser, D., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S. (2020):
Does glucose affect the de-esterification of methyl ferulate by Lactobacillus buchneri?
MicrobiologyOpen 9 (2), art. e971
Volltext (DOI)
8260 Müller, R.H., Jorks, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Babel, W. (1999):
Comamonas acidovorans strain MC1: a new isolate capable of degrading the chiral herbicides dichlorprop and mecoprop and the herbicides 2,4-D and MCPA
Microbiol. Res. 154 , 241 - 246
Volltext (DOI)
8869 Müller, R.H., Jorks, S., Kleinsteuber, S., Babel, W. (1998):
Degradation of various chlorophenols under alkaline conditions by Gram-negative bacteria closely related to Ochrobactrum anthropi
J. Basic Microbiol. 38 (4), 269 - 281
Volltext (DOI)
6644 Müller, R.H., Kleinsteuber, S., Babel, W. (2001):
Physiological and genetic characteristics of two bacterial strains utilizing phenoxypropionate and phenoxyacetate herbicides
Microbiol. Res. 156 (2), 121 - 131
Volltext (DOI)
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