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23386 Al-Rawahi, M.N., Lee, M.-Y., Friesen, J., Khurelbaatar, G., Müller, R. (2020):
A practical step towards sustainability: decentralised wastewater management in Oman
Desalin. Water Treat. 176 , 360 - 369
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20279 Al-Zreiqat, I., Abbassi, B., Headley, T., Nivala, J., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2018):
Influence of septic tank attached growth media on total nitrogen removal in a recirculating vertical flow constructed wetland for treatment of domestic wastewater
Ecol. Eng. 118 , 171 - 178
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22870 Araucz, K., Aurich, A., Kołodyńska, D. (2020):
Novel multifunctional ion exchangers for metal ions removal in the presence of citric acid
Chemosphere 251 , art. 126331
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21211 Aubron, T., van Afferden, M., Khurelbaatar, G., Müller, R. (2019):
WP-B: Development and Testing of a GIS-Based Planning Tool for Creating Decentralized Sanitation Scenarios
In: Sachse, A., Liao, Z., Zhu, W., Dai, X., Kolditz, O. (eds.)
Chinese water systems. Volume 2: Managing water resources for urban catchments: Chaohu
Terrestrial Environmental Sciences
Springer Nature, Cham, p. 125 - 157
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4692 Aurich, A., Förster, A., Mauersberger, S., Barth, G., Stottmeister, U. (2003):
Critic acid production from renewable resources by Yarrowia lipolytica
Biotechnol. Adv. 21 (5), 454 - 455
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18967 Aurich, A., Hofmann, J., Oltrogge, R., Wecks, M., Gläser, R., Blömer, L., Mauersberger, S., Müller, R.A., Sicker, D., Giannis, A. (2017):
Improved isolation of microbiologically produced (2R,3S)-isocitric acid by adsorption on activated carbon and recovery with methanol
Org. Process Res. Dev. 21 (6), 866 - 870
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13533 Aurich, A., Specht, R., Müller, R.A., Stottmeister, U., Yovkova, V., Otto, C., Holz, M., Barth, G., Heretsch, P., Thomas, F.A., Sicker, D., Giannis, A. (2012):
Microbiologically produced carboxylic acids used as building blocks in organic synthesis
In: Wang, X., Chen, J., Quinn, P. (eds.)
Subcellular biochemistry, Volume 64; Reprogramming microbial metabolic pathways, Part 2
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 391 - 424
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5328 Aurich, A., Stottmeister, U. (2002):
Gewinnung von Citronensäure aus Pflanzenölen mit Yarrowia lipolytica
Chem. Ing. Tech. 74 (5), 664
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9765 Austin, D., Nivala, J. (2009):
Energy requirements for nitrification and biological nitrogen removal in engineered wetlands
Ecol. Eng. 35 (2), 184 - 192
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15032 Ávila, C., Nivala, J., Olsson, L., Kassa, K., Headley, T., Mueller, R.A., Bayona, J.M., García, J. (2014):
Emerging organic contaminants in vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands: Influence of media size, loading frequency and use of active aeration
Sci. Total Environ. 494–495 , 211 - 217
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3160 Baeder-Bederski, O., Dürr, M., Borneff-Lipp, M., Kuschk, P., Netter, R., Daeschlein, G., Mosig, P., Müller, R.A. (2005):
Retention of Escherichia coli in municipal sewage by means of planted soil filters in two-stage pilot plant systems
Water Sci. Technol. 51 (9), 205 - 212
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3943 Baeder-Bederski, O., Dürr, M., Borneff-Lipp, M., Netter, R., Kuschk, P., Mosig, P., Daeschlein, G., Müller, R.A. (2004):
Reduction of microorganisms in municipal sewage by means of planted and unplanted soil filters
9th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control, Avignon/France, 26.-30.9.2004
p. 435 - 441
12630 Baeder-Bederski, O., Kuschk, P., Mosig, P., Müller, R.A., Borneff-Lipp, M., Dürr, M. (2004):
Reducing faecal germs in municipal sewage using planted soil filters. Initial results of a pilot plant system
International Conference on Urban Horticulture Waedenswil, Switzerland
Acta Hort. 643
International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), The Hague, p. 257 - 263
7827 Baeder-Bederski, O., Kuschk, P., Stottmeister, U. (1999):
Phytovolatilization of organic contaminants
In: Heiden, S., Erb, R., Warrelmann, J., Dierstein, R. (eds.)
Biotechnologie im Umweltschutz. Bioremediation: Entwicklungsstand, Anwendungen, Perspektiven ; [im Rahmen der Fachtagung "Biotechnologie im Umweltschutz, Bioremediation: Entwicklungsstand - Anwendungen - Perspektiven", vom 9.-12. Mai 1999 Munster, Soltau]
Initiativen zum Umweltschutz 12
Erich Schmidt, Berlin, p. 175 - 183
4698 Baeder-Bederski-Anteda, O. (2003):
Phytovolatilisation of organic chemicals
J. Soils Sediments 3 (2), 65 - 71
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5335 Baeder-Bederski-Anteda, O. (2002):
Phytovolatilisation organischer Chemikalien
UWSF 14 (3), 170 - 177
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12518 Baskyr, I., Weiner, B., Pörschmann, J., Fühner, C., Kopinke, F.-D. (2012):
Hydrothermal carbonization: a new/old process for the upgrading of wet biomass
1st UFZ Energy Days 2012: 4-5 April 2012 ; book of abstracts
UFZ-Bericht 6/2012
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig, p. 52
19869 Bauer, A., Moeller, L., Wedwitschka, H., Stinner, W., Zehnsdorf, A. (2018):
Anaerobic digestion of mixed silage of waterweed biomass and wheat straw in a long-term semi-continuous biogas production process
Energy Sustain. Soc. 8 , art. 4
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22505 Becker, M.-Y., Kohlheb, N., Hunger, S., Eschrich, S., Müller, R., Aurich, A. (2020):
Early‐stage sustainability assessment of biotechnological processes: A case study of citric acid production
Eng. Life Sci. 20 (3-4), 90 - 103
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19622 Boog, J. (2018):
Application: treatment wetlands
In: Jang, E., Boog, J., He, W., Kalbacher, T. (eds.)
OpenGeoSys Tutorial. Computational hydrology III: OGS#IPhreeqc coupled reactive transport modeling
SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences
Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 63 - 90
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21917 Boog, J., Kalbacher, T., Nivala, J., Forquet, N., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2019):
Modeling the relationship of aeration, oxygen transfer and treatment performance in aerated horizontal flow treatment wetlands
Water Res. 157 , 321 - 334
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22593 Boog, J., Kalbacher, T., Nivala, J., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2019):
Modeling dynamics of organic carbon and nitrogen removal during aeration interruption in aerated horizontal flow treatment wetlands
Water Sci. Technol. 80 (3), 597 - 606
Volltext (DOI)
19525 Boog, J., Nivala, J., Aubron, T., Mothes, S., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2018):
Resilience of carbon and nitrogen removal due to aeration interruption in aerated treatment wetlands
Sci. Total Environ. 621 , 960 - 969
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18058 Boog, J., Nivala, J., Aubron, T., Wallace, S., Sullivan, C., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2016):
Treatment wetland aeration without electricity? Lessons learned from the first experiment using a wind-driven air pump
Water 8 (11), art. 502
Volltext (DOI)
14908 Boog, J., Nivala, J., Aubron, T., Wallace, S., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2014):
Hydraulic characterization and optimization of total nitrogen removal in an aerated vertical subsurface flow treatment wetland
Bioresour. Technol. 162 , 166 - 174
Volltext (DOI)
22383 Boog, J., Nivala, J., Kalbacher, T., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A. (2020):
Do wastewater pollutants impact oxygen transfer in aerated horizontal flow wetlands?
Chem. Eng. J. 383 , art. 123173
Volltext (DOI)
17468 Borchardt, D., Gordon, C., Mensah, A.M., Dannisøe, J.G., Müller, R.A., Alcamo, J. (2016):
Solutions to the water quality challenge: a preliminary review
UNEP 2016. A snapshot of the world’s water quality: towards a global assessment
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, p. 81 - 94
Volltext (URL)
16936 Breulmann, M., Boettger, T., Buscot, F., Gruendling, R., Schulz, E. (2016):
Carbon storage potential in size–density fractions from semi-natural grassland ecosystems with different productivities over varying soil depths
Sci. Total Environ. 545-546 , 30 - 39
Volltext (DOI)
22869 Breulmann, M., Brückner, F., Toll, M., van Afferden, M., Becker, M.-Y., Subah, A., Müller, R.A. (2020):
Vulnerable water resources in Jordan: hot spots
Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Amman, Jordan; Leipzig, Germany; Hannover, Germany, 39 pp.
19292 Breulmann, M., Kuka, K., van Afferden, M., Buscot, F., Fühner, C., Müller, R., Schulz, E. (2018):
Labile water soluble components govern the short-term microbial decay of hydrochar from sewage sludge
Arch. Agron. Soil Sci. 64 (6), 873 - 880
Volltext (DOI)
15131 Breulmann, M., Masyutenko, N.P., Kogut, B.M., Schroll, R., Dörfler, U., Buscot, F., Schulz, E. (2014):
Short-term bioavailability of carbon in soil organic matter fractions of different particle sizes and densities in grassland ecosystems
Sci. Total Environ. 497-498 , 29 - 37
Volltext (DOI)
22868 Breulmann, M., Müller, R.A., Al-Subeh, A., Subah, A., van Afferden, M. (2020):
Reuse of treated wastewater and biosolids in Jordan – nationwide evaluation
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Leipzig, Germany; Amman, Jordan, lX, 90 pp.
Volltext (URL)
24001 Breulmann, M., Müller, R.A., Al-Subeh, A., van Afferden, M. (2021):
Influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan – effects on the water sector
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Leipzig, Germany; Amman, Jordan, XIII, 38 pp.
19408 Breulmann, M., Schulz, E., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A., Fühner, C. (2018):
Hydrochars derived from sewage sludge: effects of pre-treatment with water on char properties, phytotoxicity and chemical structure
Arch. Agron. Soil Sci. 64 (6), 860 - 872
Volltext (DOI)
15894 Breulmann, M., van Afferden, M., Fühner, C. (2015):
Biochar: bring on the sewage
Nature 518 (7540), 483
Volltext (DOI)
18363 Breulmann, M., van Afferden, M., Müller, R.A., Schulz, E., Fühner, C. (2017):
Process conditions of pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization affect the potential of sewage sludge for soil carbon sequestration and amelioration
J. Anal. Appl. Pyrolysis 124 , 256 - 265
Volltext (DOI)
15554 Button, M., Nivala, J., Weber, K.P., Aubron, T., Müller, R.A. (2015):
Microbial community metabolic function in subsurface flow constructed wetlands of different designs
Ecol. Eng. 80 , 162 - 171
Volltext (DOI)
17358 Button, M., Weber, K., Nivala, J., Aubron, T., Müller, R.A. (2016):
Community-level physiological profiling of microbial communities in constructed wetlands: Effects of sample preparation
Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 178 (5), 960 - 973
Volltext (DOI)
15710 Caicedo, P.V., Rahman, K.Z., Kuschk, P., Blumberg, M., Paschke, A., Janzen, W., Schüürmann, G. (2015):
Comparison of heavy metal content in two sludge drying reed beds of different age
Ecol. Eng. 74 , 48 - 55
Volltext (DOI)
19776 Cardona, J.A., Segovia, O.C., Böttger, S., Medellin Castillo, N.A., Cavallo, L., Ribeiro, I.E., Schlüter, S. (2017):
Reuse-oriented decentralized wastewater and sewage sludge treatment for rural settlements in Brazil: a cost-benefit analysis
Desalin. Water Treat. 91 , 82 - 92
Volltext (DOI)
22018 Cardona, J., Lepilova, A., Gieseler, D., Kreter, K. (2018):
Reuse-oriented decentralized wastewater and sewage sludge treatment for small urbanized rural settlements in Brazil: an environmental cost-benefit analysis
In: Nehren, U., Schlϋter, S., Raedig, C., Sattler, D., Hissa, H. (eds.)
Strategies and tools for a sustainable rural Rio de Janeiro
Springer Series on Environmental Management
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, p. 277 - 293
Volltext (DOI)
9852 Cardona, J., van Afferden, M., Goedert, R., Abbassi, B., Ali, W., Müller, R. (2010):
DEWATS capacity building for primary schools in Jordan and Palestine
Water Practice & Technology 5 (4), 1 - 18
Volltext (DOI)
15090 Carranza-Diaz, O., Schultze-Nobre, L., Moeder, M., Nivala, J., Kuschk, P., Koeser, H. (2014):
Removal of selected organic micropollutants in planted and unplanted pilot-scale horizontal flow constructed wetlands under conditions of high organic load
Ecol. Eng. 71 , 234 - 245
Volltext (DOI)
858 Chrzanowski, Ł., Bielicka-Daszkiewicz, K., Owsianiak, M., Aurich, A., Kaczorek, E., Olszanowski, A. (2008):
Phenol and n-alkanes (C12 and C16) utilization: influence on yeast cell surface hydrophobicity
World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 24 (9), 1943 - 1949
Volltext (DOI)
118 Chrzanowski, Ł., Owsianiak, M., Wyrwas, B., Aurich, A., Szulc, A., Olszanowski, A. (2009):
Adsorption of sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate (SDBS) on Candida maltosa EH 15 strain: influence on cell surface hydrophobicity and n -alkanes biodegradation
Water Air Soil Pollut. 196 (1-4), 345 - 353
Volltext (DOI)
17497 Chung, J.W., Breulmann, M., Clemens, A., Fühner, C., Foppen, J.W., Lens, P.N.L. (2016):
Simultaneous removal of rotavirus and adenovirus from artificial ground water using hydrochar derived from swine feces
J. Water Health 14 (5), 754 - 767
Volltext (DOI)
22608 Clemens, M., Khurelbaatar, G., Merz, R., Siebert, C., van Afferden, M., Rödiger, T. (2020):
Groundwater protection under water scarcity; from regional risk assessment to local wastewater treatment solutions in Jordan
Sci. Total Environ. 706 , art. 136066
Volltext (DOI)
874 Daus, B., Weiß, H., Bernhard, K., Hoffmann, P., Neu, T.R., von Tümpling, W., Wennrich, R. (2008):
Treatment of hexafluoroarsenate from contaminated water: a case study
Eng. Life Sci. 8 (6), 598 - 602
Volltext (DOI)
3270 Davison, L., Headley, T., Pratt, K. (2005):
Aspects of design, structure, performance and operation of reed beds - eight years' experience in northeastern New South Wales, Australia
Water Sci. Technol. 51 (10), 129 - 138
Volltext (URL)
2577 Davison, L., Pont, D., Bolton, K., Headley, T. (2006):
Dealing with nitrogen in subtropical Australia: Seven case studies in the diffusion of ecotechnological innovation
Ecol. Eng. 28 (3), 213 - 223
Volltext (DOI)
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