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11002 Bauer, S., Krumbiegel, P., Richter, M., Richter, T., Röder, S., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Herbarth, P. (2011):
Influence of sociodemographic factors on Helicobacter pylori prevalence variability among schoolchildren in Leipzig, Germany. A long-term follow-up study
Cent. Eur. J. Public Health 19 (1), 42 - 45
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15849 Baumann, S., Gergs, U., Schulz, N., Thiery, J., Neumann, J. (2014):
Magnetic bead-based proteome profiling using MALDI-TOF spectrometry in cardiac tissue from transgenic mice
Curr. Proteomics 11 (4), 229 - 236
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13236 Baumann, S., Kalkhof, S., Hackermüller, J., Otto, W., Tomm, J.M., Wissenbach, D.K., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., von Bergen, M. (2013):
Requirements and perspectives for integrating metabolomics with other omics data
Current Metabolomics 1 (1), 15 - 27
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14619 Baumann, S., Rockstroh, M., Bartel, J., Krumsiek, J., Otto, W., Jungnickel, H., Potratz, S., Luch, A., Wilscher, E., Theis, F.J., von Bergen, M., Tomm, J.M. (2014):
Subtoxic concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene induce metabolic changes and oxidative stress in non-activated and affect the mTOR pathway in activated Jurkat T cells
Journal of Integrated OMICS 4 (1), 11 - 20
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55 Benndorf, D., Vogt, C., Jehmlich, N., Schmidt, Y., Thomas, H., Woffendin, G., Shevchenko, A., Richnow, H.-H., von Bergen, M. (2009):
Improving protein extraction and separation methods for investigating the metaproteome of anaerobic benzene communities within sediments
Biodegradation 20 (6), 737 - 750
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16640 Beyer, A., Baumann, S., Scherz, G., Stahl, J., von Bergen, M., Friese, A., Roesler, U., Kietzmann, M., Honscha, W. (2015):
Effects of ceftiofur treatment on the susceptibility of commensal porcine E.coli – comparison between treated and untreated animals housed in the same stable
BMC Vet. Res. 11 , art. 265
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14058 Blumert, C., Kalkhof, S., Brocke-Heidrich, K., Kohajda, T., von Bergen, M., Horn, F. (2013):
Analysis of the STAT3 interactome using in-situ biotinylation and SILAC
J. Proteomics 94 , 370 - 386
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9838 Bruegel, M., Planert, M., Baumann, S., Focke, A., Bergh, F.T., Leichtle, A., Ceglarek, U., Thiery, J., Fiedler, G.M. (2009):
Standardized peptidome profiling of human cerebrospinal fluid by magnetic bead separation and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
J. Proteomics 72 (4), 608 - 615
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9933 Feltens, R., Mögel, I., Röder-Stolinski, C., Simon, J.-C., Herberth, G., Lehmann, I. (2010):
Chlorobenzene induces oxidative stress in human lung epithelial cells in vitro
Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 242 (1), 100 - 108
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16708 Feltens, R., Roeder, S., Otto, W., Borte, M., Lehmann, I., von Bergen, M., Wissenbach, D.K. (2015):
Evaluation of population and individual variances of urinary phthalate metabolites in terms of epidemiological studies
Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques 6 (6), art. 1000290
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160 Fiedler, G.M., Leichtle, A.B., Kase, J., Baumann, S., Ceglarek, U., Felix, K., Conrad, T., Witzigmann, H., Weimann, A., Schütte, C., Hauss, J., Büchler, M., Thiery, J. (2009):
Serum peptidome profiling revealed platelet factor 4 as a potential discriminating peptide associated with pancreatic cancer
Clin. Cancer Res. 15 (11), 3812 - 3819
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17764 Förster, Y., Schmidt, J.R., Wissenbach, D.K., Pfeiffer, S.E.M., Baumann, S., Hofbauer, L.C., von Bergen, M., Kalkhof, S., Rammelt, S. (2016):
Microdialysis sampling from wound fluids enables quantitative assessment of cytokines, proteins, and metabolites reveals bone defect-specific molecular profiles
PLOS One 11 (7), e0159580
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15309 Franck, U., Weller, A., Röder, S.W., Herberth, G., Junge, K.M., Kohajda, T., von Bergen, M., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Diez, U., Borte, M., Lehmann, I. (2014):
Prenatal VOC exposure and redecoration are related to wheezing in early infancy
Environ. Int. 73 , 393 - 401
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16443 Halwachs, S., Mahnke, H., Ballent, M., Baumann, S., von Bergen, M., Viviani, P., Lanusse, C., Honscha, W., Lifschitz, A. (2015):
ABCG2-mediated transport of anthelmintic drugs in the mammary gland of dairy cows
J. Vet. Pharmacol. Ther. 38 (S1), 43 - 44
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242 Heine, F., Stahl, F., Sträuber, H., Wiacek, C., Benndorf, D., Repenning, C., Schmidt, F., Scheper, T., von Bergen, M., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2009):
Prediction of flocculation ability of brewing yeast inoculates by flow cytometry, proteome analysis, and mRNA profiling
Cytom. Part A 75A (2), 140 - 147
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14078 Herberth, G., Bauer, M., Gasch, M., Hinz, D., Röder, S., Olek, S., Kohajda, T., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., von Bergen, M., Sack, U., Borte, M., Lehmann, I. (2014):
Maternal and cord blood miR-223 expression associates with prenatal tobacco smoke exposure and low regulatory T-cell numbers
J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 133 (2), 543 - 550.e4
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14214 Herberth, G., Bauer, M., Gasch, M., Hinz, D., Röder, S., Olek, S., Kohajda, T., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., von Bergen-Tomm, M., Sack, U., Borte, M., Lehmann, I. (2013):
Maternal and cord blood miR-223 expression associates with prenatal tobacco smoke exposure and with low Treg numbers
Allergy 68 (Suppl. 97), 628 - 628
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16045 Herberth, G., Offenberg, K., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Bauer, M., Otto, W., Röder, S., Grützmann, K., Sack, E., Simon, J.-C., Borte, M., von Bergen, M., Lehmann, I. (2015):
Endogenous metabolites and inflammasome activity in early childhood and links to respiratory diseases
J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 136 (2), 495 - 497
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18201 Herberth, G., Pierzchalski, A., Feltens, R., Bauer, M., Röder, S., Olek, S., Hinz, D., Borte, M., von Bergen, M., Lehmann, I. (2017):
Prenatal phthalate exposure associates with low regulatory T-cell numbers and atopic dermatitis in early childhood: Results from the LINA mother-child study. Letter to the editor
J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 139 (4), 1376 - 1379.e8
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17415 Hoeke, H., Roeder, S., Bertsche, T., Borte, M., von Bergen, M., Wissenbach, D.K. (2016):
Assessment of maternal drug intake by urinary bio monitoring during pregnancy and postpartally until the third perinatal year
Pharmacoepidemiol. Drug Saf. 25 (4), 431 - 437
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15719 Hoeke, H., Roeder, S., Bertsche, T., Lehmann, I., Borte, M., von Bergen, M., Wissenbach, D.K. (2015):
Monitoring of drug intake during pregnancy by questionnaires and LC-MS/MS drug urine screening: evaluation of both monitoring methods
Drug Test. Anal. 7 (8), 695 - 702
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14870 Hoffmann, A., Krumbiegel, P., Richter, T., Richter, M., Röder, S., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Herbarth, O. (2014):
Helicobacter pylori prevalence in children influenced by non-specific antibiotic treatments
Cent. Eur. J. Public Health 22 (1), 48 - 53
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13224 Holdt, L.M., von Delft, A., Nicolaou, A., Baumann, S., Kostrzewa, M., Thiery, J., Teupser, D. (2013):
Quantitative trait loci mapping of the mouse plasma proteome (pQTL)
Genetics 193 (2), 601 - 608
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14899 Imhasly, S., Naegeli, H., Baumann, S., von Bergen, M., Luch, A., Jungnickel, H., Potratz, S., Gerspach, C. (2014):
Metabolomic biomarkers correlating with hepatic lipidosis in dairy cows
BMC Vet. Res. 10 , art. 122
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15027 Jahn, M., Vorpahl, C., Türkowsky, D., Lindmeyer, M., Bühler, B., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2014):
Population heterogeneity in Pseudomonas putida analyzed on the single cell level using proteomics and digital PCR
New Biotech. 31 (Suppl.), S58 - S59
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15069 Jahn, M., Vorpahl, C., Türkowsky, D., Lindmeyer, M., Bühler, B., Harms, H., Müller, S. (2014):
Accurate determination of plasmid copy number of flow-sorted cells using droplet digital PCR
Anal. Chem. 86 (12), 5969 - 5976
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18496 Jahreis, S., Trump, S., Bauer, M., Bauer, T., Thürmann, L., Feltens, R., Wang, Q., Gu, L., Grützmann, K., Röder, S., Averbeck, M., Weichenhan, D., Plass, C., Sack, U., Borte, M., Dubourg, V., Schüürmann, G., Simon, J.C., von Bergen, M., Hackermüller, J., Eils, R., Lehmann, I., Polte, T. (2018):
Maternal phthalate exposure promotes allergic airway inflammation over 2 generations through epigenetic modifications
J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 141 (2), 741 - 753
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294 Jehmlich, N., Schmidt, F., Taubert, M., Seifert, J., von Bergen, M., Richnow, H.-H., Vogt, C. (2009):
Comparison of methods for simultaneous identification of bacterial species and determination of metabolic activity by protein-based stable isotope probing (Protein-SIP) experiments
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 23 (12), 1871 - 1878
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15252 Jungandreas, A., Schellenberger Costa, B., Jakob, T., von Bergen, M., Baumann, S., Wilhelm, C. (2014):
The acclimation of Phaeodactylum tricornutum to blue and red light does not influence the photosynthetic light reaction but strongly disturbs the carbon allocation pattern
PLOS One 9 (8), e99727
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14679 Junge, K.M., Hörnig, F., Herberth, G., Röder, S., Kohajda, T., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., von Bergen, M., Borte, M., Simon, J.-C., Heroux, D., Denburg, J.A., Lehmann, I. (2014):
The LINA cohort: cord blood eosinophil/basophil progenitors predict respiratory outcomes in early infancy
Clin. Immunol. 152 (1-2), 68 - 76
Volltext (DOI)
20268 Junge, K.M., Leppert, B., Jahreis, S., Wissenbach, D.K., Feltens, R., Grützmann, K., Thürmann, L., Bauer, T., Ishaque, N., Schick, M., Bewerunge-Hudler, M., Röder, S., Bauer, M., Schulz, A., Borte, M., Landgraf, K., Körner, A., Kiess, W., von Bergen, M., Stangl, G.I., Trump, S., Eils, R., Polte, T., Lehmann, I. (2018):
MEST mediates the impact of prenatal bisphenol A exposure on long-term body weight development
Clin. Epigenetics 10 , art. 58
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15091 Jungnickel, H., Luch, A., Potratz, S., von Bergen, M., Baumann, S., Tarnow, P. (2014):
Identification of lipidomic biomarkers for coexposure to subtoxic doses of benzo[a]pyrene and cadmium: the toxicological cascade biomarker approach
Environ. Sci. Technol. 48 (17), 10423 - 10431
Volltext (DOI)
15476 Kalkhof, S., Dautel, F., Loguercio, S., Baumann, S., Trump, S., Jungnickel, H., Otto, W., Rudzok, S., Potratz, S., Luch, A., Lehmann, I., Beyer, A., von Bergen, M. (2015):
Pathway and time-resolved benzo[a]pyrene toxicity on Hepa1c1c7 cells at toxic and subtoxic exposure
J. Proteome Res. 14 (1), 164 - 182
Volltext (DOI)
15088 Kalkhof, S., Förster, Y., Schmidt, J., Schulz, M.C., Baumann, S., Weißflog, A., Gao, W., Hempel, U., Eckelt, U., Rammelt, S., von Bergen, M. (2014):
Proteomics and metabolomics for in situ monitoring of wound healing
Biomed Res. Int. 2014 , art. 934848
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12766 Kermer, R., Hedrich, S., Taubert, M., Baumann, S., Schlömann, M., Johnson, D.B., Seifert, J. (2012):
Elucidation of carbon transfer in a mixed culture of Acidiphilium cryptum and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans using protein-based stable isotope probing
Journal of Integrated OMICS 2 (1), 37 - 45
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16888 Klöting, N., Hesselbarth, N., Gericke, M., Kunath, A., Biemann, R., Chakaroun, R., Kosacka, J., Kovacs, P., Kern, M., Stumvoll, M., Fischer, B., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., Feltens, R., Otto, W., Wissenbach, D.K., von Bergen, M., Blüher, M. (2015):
Di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate (DEHP) causes impaired adipocyte function and alters serum metabolites
PLOS One 10 (12), e0143190
Volltext (DOI)
15632 Kostelnik, K.B., Els-Heindl, S., Klöting, N., Baumann, S., von Bergen, M., Beck-Sickinger, A.G. (2015):
High metabolic in vivo stability and bioavailability of a palmitoylated ghrelin receptor ligand assessed by mass spectrometry
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 23 (14), 3925 - 3932
Volltext (DOI)
13900 Kung, J.W., Seifert, J., von Bergen, M., Boll, M. (2013):
Cyclohexanecarboxyl-coenzyme A (CoA) and cyclohex-1-ene-1-carboxyl-CoA dehydrogenases, two enzymes involved in the fermentation of benzoate and crotonate in Syntrophus aciditrophicus
J. Bacteriol. 195 (14), 3193 - 3200
Volltext (DOI)
11837 Kuntze, K., Kiefer, P., Baumann, S., Seifert, J., von Bergen, M., Vorholt, J.A., Boll, M. (2011):
Enzymes involved in the anaerobic degradation of meta-substituted halobenzoates
Mol. Microbiol. 82 (3), 758 - 769
Volltext (DOI)
13487 Markle, J.G.M., Frank, D.N., Mortin-Toth, S., Robertson, C.E., Feazel, L.M., Rolle-Kampczyk, U., von Bergen, M., McCoy, C.D., Macpherson, A.J., Danska, J.S. (2013):
Sex differences in the gut microbiome drive hormone-dependent regulation of autoimmunity
Science 339 (6123 ), 1084 - 1088
Volltext (DOI)
395 Matysik, S., Matysik, F.M. (2009):
Microextraction by packed sorbent coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: application to the determination of metabolites of monoterpenes in small volumes of human urine
Microchim. Acta 166 (1-2), 109 - 114
Volltext (DOI)
11474 Mögel, I., Baumann, S., Böhme, A., Kohajda, T., von Bergen, M., Simon, J.-C., Lehmann, I. (2011):
The aromatic volatile organic compounds toluene, benzene and styrene induce COX-2 and prostaglandins in human lung epithelial cells via oxidative stress and p38 MAPK activation
Toxicology 289 (1), 28 - 37
Volltext (DOI)
19195 Mögel, I., Feltens, R., Simon, J., Röder-Stolinski, C., Herberth, G., Lehmann, I. (2010):
The chlorobenzene induced inflammatory response in lung epithelial cells can be prevented by antioxidants
Allergy 65 (S92), 86 - 87
Volltext (DOI)
19141 Morawe, M., Hoeke, H., Wissenbach, D.K., Lentendu, G., Wubet, T., Kröber, E., Kolb, S. (2017):
Acidotolerant Bacteria and fungi as a sink of methanol-derived carbon in a deciduous forest soil
Front. Microbiol. 8 , 1361
Volltext (DOI)
423 Mörbt, N., Mögel, I., Kalkhof, S., Feltens, R., Röder-Stolinski, C., Zheng, J., Vogt, C., Lehmann, I., von Bergen, M. (2009):
Proteome changes in human bronchoalveolar cells following styrene exposure indicate involvement of oxidative stress in the molecular-response mechanism
Proteomics 9 (21), 4909 - 4933
Volltext (DOI)
22293 Mueller, A., Ulrich, N., Hollmann, J., Zapata Sanchez, C.E., Rolle-Kampczyk, U.E., von Bergen, M. (2019):
Characterization of a multianalyte GC-MS/MS procedure for detecting and quantifying polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and PAH derivatives from air particulate matter for an improved risk assessment
Environ. Pollut. 255 (Part 2), art. 112967
Volltext (DOI)
13718 Müller, S.A., Findeiß, S., Pernitzsch, S.R., Wissenbach, D.K., Stadler, P.F., Hofacker, I.L., von Bergen, M., Kalkhof, S. (2013):
Identification of new protein coding sequences and signal peptidase cleavage sites of Helicobacter pylori strain 26695 by proteogenomics
J. Proteomics 86 , 27 - 42
Volltext (DOI)
10804 Müller, S.A., Kohajda, T., Findeiß, S., Stadler, P.F., Washietl, S., Kellis, M., von Bergen, M., Kalkhof, S. (2010):
Optimization of parameters for coverage of low molecular weight proteins
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 398 (7-8), 2867 - 2881
Volltext (DOI)
13671 Murugaiyan, J., Rockstroh, M., Wagner, J., Baumann, S., Schorsch, K., Trump, S., Lehmann, I., von Bergen, M., Tomm, J.M. (2013):
Benzo[a]pyrene affects Jurkat T cells in the activated state via the antioxidant response element dependent Nrf2 pathway leading to decreased IL-2 secretion and redirecting glutamine metabolism
Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 269 (3), 307 - 316
Volltext (DOI)
14108 Murugesan, K., Baumann, S., Wissenbach, D.K., Kliemt, S., Kalkhof, S., Otto, W., Mögel, I., Kohajda, T., von Bergen, M., Tomm, J.M. (2013):
Subtoxic and toxic concentrations of benzene and toluene induce Nrf-2 mediated anti-oxidative stress response and affect the central carbon metabolism in lung epithelial cells A549
Proteomics 13 (21), 3211 - 3221
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