Tire-associated chemicals

Tires contain complex mixtures of chemicals that are used in their production and formed during the production process or throughout the tire life-cycle. These chemicals include antioxidants like 6-PPD or its oxidation product 6-PPD quinone and 1,3-diphenylguanidine which aids in the vulcanization process. Many of these chemicals are released to the environment from tire and road wear particles (TRWP) where they may undergo transformation. We analyse and quantify tire-associated chemicals in various media from storm run-off to biota, describe their release characteristic throughout different life-stages of tires, and study their environmental fate. To better understand the fate of tire related chemicals we combine lab experiments with environmental monitoring.


Tire Industry Project 2/3

Contributing scientists:

Bettina Seiwert
Daniel Zahn
Aurelio Foscari
Steffen Weyrauch
Limei Han
Thorsten Reemtsma

Tire-associated chemicals Tire-associated chemicals


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