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January – March 2023

2022 UFZ Awards presented for Technology Transfer, Knowledge Transfer and Young Scientists Award for Applied Research

Graphic UFZ Awards 2022 Awards are given for special transfer achievements such as the development of new products, technologies, or structures for the integration of scientific results into social decision-making processes that contribute to overcoming major challenges in the environment and society.

The 2022 UFZ Awards were presented to the following scientists on 02 December:

The team of Steffi Hunger and Dr. Andreas Aurich (both Environmental and Biotechnology Centre) was presented with the UFZ Technology Transfer Award for the development of a sustainable, yeast-based production process for isocitric acid. This process was developed within only two years. Until recently, isocitric acid could only be produced in the gram range, now with the new process it is possible on a multi-kilogram scale. The cooperation partner Chiroblock GmbH from Wolfen is now establishing the process on the market.

Dr. Marie Vandewalle (Dept. of Conservation Biology and Social-Ecological Systems) was granted the UFZ Knowledge Transfer Award for her success in transferring knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services to decision-makers at national and European level alike. By setting up the EKLIPSE project, she tremendously helped to establish a new mechanism at European level for tailor-made responses to requests from politics and society, which is also unique in the speed of its response to societal questions.

Dr. Husain Najafi (Dept. of Computational Hydrosystems) was honoured with the UFZ Young Scientist Award for Applied Research for his excellent scientific achievements in the field of application-oriented hydrological forecasting, which involved contributions to the development of operational high-resolution forecasting systems for droughts as well as for hydrological extreme events in small and medium-sized catchment areas in Germany.

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