Technology Offers

Research findings and know-how at the UFZ are often the basis of innovative products and technologies in the fields of:

  • Sustainable biotechnology,
  • Technological solutions for the remediation of groundwater and wastewater,
  • Environmental engineering, e.g. sensor technology, information systems and monitoring.

Researchers at the UFZ and different types of stakeholders benefit from our competence and the services we offer.

Please contact the Department of Knowledge and Technology Transfer for further information and contact details at the UFZ.

Autosampler / Photo: A. Künzelmann, UFZ
An autosampler for the sampling of rainwater
Time-controlled collect water samples for analysis of stable isotopes and store the samples evaporation-free until laboratory analysis
Anlage Leuna / Foto: UFZ
V-EcoTech-Filter: vertical filter eco-technology system
An ecotechnological cleaning method for remediating groundwater contaminated with BTEX and MTBE. It uses a vertical filter system in a large-scale facility for cleaning groundwater
Waste to value / Foto: A. Künzelmann, UFZ
Nature-Based Solutions – sustainable production of materials and energy
New pathways towards a decentralised and integrated use of renewable resources and wastes
Stressed S. cerevisae in bioethanol production process / photo: Dusny, UFZ
Yeasts as optimised cell factories
Improved production of 2nd generation C2-C4 drop-in equivalents by way of single cell analysis
Upgrade kit for bioreactors / Photo: A. Künzelmann, UFZ
Upgrade kit for bioreactors (bio-electrosynthesis)
Upgrade kit to enhance conventional bioreactors/fermentors with laboratory reactor systems for conducting comparable and scalable experiments on microbial electrosynthesis for different bioreactor platforms
Analysis of live cell cultures / Photo André Künzelmann, UFZ
Innovative, simple and economic harvesting and cleaning technology for microbial cells
Rappbodetalsperre / Photo: A. Künzelmann, UFZ
Numerical Water Quality Simulation for Optimising Management of Drinking Water Reservoirs
Smart Models for a Sustainable Raw Water Withdrawal
Schaumtester / Foto: UFZ

Test kit for determining the tendency of substrates to foam in biogas plants