Spin-offs at research institutions are extremely challenging for research teams. Founders not only need to have exceptional ideas, they also have to be professionally qualified in order to develop attractive products and services that can be brought to the market.

Founders benefit from our tailor-made workshops, seminars, individual coaching and consulting services. Our goal is to inspire founders to become successful entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal, we established our own entrepreneurship support centre. 

The UFZ is part of the founder network SMILE. SMILE is supported by European structural funds and Federal State of Saxony.

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Current founding initiatives of the UFZ

RWInnoTEC Schlaglochsanierung mit Radiowellen
RWInnoTec (in German)

Established UFZ Spin-Offs

Logo CoKnow CoKnow Consulting
isodetect Isodetect GmbH
ELANA ELANA Boden-Wasser-Monitoring
olanis OLANIS Expertensysteme GmbH