RDM Organisation

Team and Organisation

The UFZ has established an expert board and a service and development team to implement reliable research data management. This structure serves as an interface between the scientists and IT. It ensures continuous communication of demands and requirements as well as transfer of knowledge. In addition to service provision and development, the RDM team is actively involved in infrastructure research.

RDM board

The RDM board consists of representatives from all research units of the UFZ, key executives, and experts in computer science. The board coordinates essential operationalisation processes, internal and external projects with a strong connection to research data management and necessary steps to further develop data management systems and high performance computing for connectivity on a national and international level.

Our team

In general, the RDM team is structured into 3 main subdivisions: Consulting, Training and Networking, Information Technologies and Infrastructures, and Data Processing and Pipelines. Since we apply agile project management methods, personnel are dynamically assigned to specific focus groups as needed.

Consulting, Training and Networking
Information Technologies and Infrastructures
Data Processing and Pipelines
Students and other Personnel