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Research Data Management (RDM) at the UFZ

Principles for the responsible handling of Research Data at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH - UFZ

The UFZ is one of the world's leading research centres in the field of integrated environmental research. It supports politics, business and civil society in better understanding the consequences of human actions for the environment and in developing options for social decision-making processes. The UFZ uses its extensive experience in integrated environmental research and its innovative scientific infrastructures to address complex environmental problems. It supports various scientific communities on a national and international level and is committed to the social goal of reliably collecting and processing quality-assured research data on the state and changes of our environment and to preserving and making them available to the national and international community in the long term.

Therefore, the UFZ has formulated Principles for the responsible and sustainable research data management at the UFZ.

NOTE: only available on the internal webpages and in German. (17.12.2018)

Coordination and Services

The UFZ has established an expert board and a service team to implement responsible research data management. This unit consists of representatives of all strategic topics of the UFZ, the scientific data processing, important staffs of the management, as well as experts of computer sciences. The board coordinates essential operationalization processes, internal and external projects with a strong connection to research data management and necessary steps for the further development of data management systems and high performance computing for connectivity on a national and international level. The structuring and standardisation of existing data sets at the UFZ (interoperability), the provision of sufficient metadata according to the FAIR principle and the development of modern cloud-based data management and analysis systems play an important role here. The board is supported by a service team that acts as an interface between the scientists and IT as a reliable partner and offers help and support in all phases of the data life cycle.

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For searching at the UFZ available data sets please use the data search portal: DRP

More information: INTRANET  (in progress).