In the context of the BMBF-funded project MICRO-FATE (characterisation of the fate and effects of microplastic particles between hotspots and remote regions in the Pacific Ocean), the Department of Analytics focuses on the identification, quantification, characterisation and distribution of plastic particles in the Pacific Ocean. This includes not only the determination of the polymer, but also the investigation of interaction with natural particles and natural dissolved organic carbon. During the research cruise SO268/3 on the German research vessel SONNE in the Pacific Ocean between Vancouver and Singapore samples are taken from surface water, the water column at different depths and the seabed. Once back from the cruise these will then be analysed in the laboratory.

Project team at the Department of Analytics

Dr. Stephan Wagner (Project Manager at the Department of Analytics)
Philipp Kl├Âckner (PhD student)
Robby Rynek (PhD student)