GCEF in Bad Lauchstädt. Photo: Doris Wolst/UFZ


The field research station in Bad Lauchstädt is part of the Division Terrestrial Ecology at the UFZ. It is the experimental basis of the departments Conservation Biology, Community Ecology, Computational Landscape Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Microbiology, Monitoring & Exploration Technologies, Physiological Diversity, Soil Ecology and Soil Physics.

The research station offers the infrastructure for the investigation of ecological systems across different scales. This infrastructure ranges from climate chambers, heated and unheated greenhouses to field experiments. The aim of the research projects is a better understanding of the complex relationships in the system biodiversity-soil-atmosphere. For this, we manipulate biotic amd abiotic factors which are associated with land use change and climate change.

The field research station in Bad Lauchstädt is the regional centre  of the HGF-project TERENO and is part of the german and european LTER-network (Long Term Ecological Research). It is the central experimental platform for the cooperation with the German Centre of Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig.