Arbeitsgruppe Monitoring und Skalierung von Transportprozessen

Head: Dr. Holger Rupp

Tel.: 0391 810 9773
Fax: 0341 235 45 9773

Falkenberg 55
39615 Altmärkische Wische

Dr. Holger Rupp

Guest Scientist:
Prof. Dr. Ralph Meißner

Technican Robert Lüdtke
Engineer Karin Muhs
Engineer Melitta Stratschka

M.Eng. Janine Köhn

Modern lysimeter station
Sectional view of a lysimeter station

A lysimeter is an experimental facility for recording water/ and solute transport processes in soil under largely natural conditions. It consists of a container filled with soil, in which the water migrating through the soil column and the nutrients and pollutants contained therein are recorded and analyzed. Lysimeters can be equipped with a weighing device; they then allow high-resolution measurement of precipitation and evaporation rates. Lysimeter experiments have proven to be an effective tool for evaluating or predicting effects of current land uses and future land use changes on water and solute budgets. They provide reproducible results and are thus suitable for the validation of mathematical models.
The core competence of the working group lies in conducting experiments to investigate water and solute transport processes at different scales. All work is part of the program-oriented research funding of the Helmholtz Association, especially for the program "Terrestrial Environment", Topic 3 - "Sustainable Water Resources Management"; T31-IP: "Catchment dynamics" and T34-IP: "Water scarcity".

Project in progress: