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Quantification of structure

The technical capabilities to observe and to measure the heterogeneous structure of terrestrial systems are improving steadily: from microtomography of soil porous structure through NMR and geophysical tools to remote sensing techniques.

A challenging problem is a suitable quantification, in the sense of sticking a limited set of meaningful numbers to the observed complexity. This is a prerequisite to relate structural and functional properties.

We develope scale-invariant tools for structure analysis which can be applied to structures of different dimensionality. It is based on integrals over the boundaries of the structure (Minkowski functionsals, top figure), coupled with mathematical morphology. This allows for a comprehensive description of geometries including size, spatial distribution and spatial connectivity of natural structures. It is applicable at any spatial scale and for 2D as well as 3D images. Examples are the 3D soil porous structure and the distribution of landscape patterns (figure) .

The developed tools will help to model structural properties and to evaluate their impact on processes within terrestrial systems.

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Distribution of savanna in a watershed
(Landsat, height 75km)

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Bio-pores in a Terra Fusca
(X-ray CT, height 0.5m)

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