RHOMV is a numerical program, written in PHP, that represents the density approach listed in Boehrer et al. 2010. This program calculates the density based on the temperature and concentrations of solutes. For a calculation fill out the form below.

RHOMV version 1.0:

  • dated 21st April 2010: written by Santiago Moreira Martinez and Bertram Boehrer
  • placed on the net on 21st Oct 2010 by Thomas Dietel and René Tuchscherer (UFZ)

RHOMV version 2.0:

  • dated 13th July 2015: translated from Matlab to PHP by Felix Richter

It is free to be used, by anybody. Please refer to this site and the below mentioned paper when using the density calculcator RHOMV. Direct any comments and requests to Bertram Boehrer.

Boehrer B., Herzsprung P., Schultze M., Millero F.J. (2010) Calculating density of water in geochemical lake stratification models, Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods, 8, 567–574.,


Please be aware that a few things on the internet are out of our control. Report to us, if you find errors. For a reliable answer on density from RHOMV, address us in person.

This version uses Kell (1975) for pure water. Maximum density 999.975 kg/m³ at 4°C.