Isotope Lab


The Laboratory of Stable Isotopes (LSI) participates in various international projects for quality control and quality assurance in stable isotope analysis in cooperation with:

Scientists from all over the world visit our lab for co-operation projects and support in stable isotope analysis techniques


The LSI organizes training courses in "Modern Methods for Stable Isotope Analysis” for HIGRADE PhD students at the UFZ (HIGRADE)
We are involved in the MSc of Chemistry from the University of Leipzig (Laboratory exercise –Isotopic forensic for food authentication)

Method Development

  • Dr. Sara Herrero: New developments in sample pre-treatment techniques for GC-IRMS analysis
  • Tetyana Gilevska: HPLC-IRMS applications
  • Kristina Hitzfeld, Julian Repenning: 37Cl stable isotope analysis in organic molecules
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