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The Open ProVIS Meetings are a platform for (future) ProVIS users and the ProVIS team to meet, exchange knowledge and explore the possibilities to conduct experiments at the ProVIS facility. In each meeting a 20 to 30 minutes talk on the experimental possibilities of one or more of the ProVIS instruments is held. Afterwards there is space for questions and discussion. The idea is to give an overview over the ProVIS equipment and to provide information on which scientific questions can be answered by which experiment. The ProVIS team cordially invites all interested scientists from the UFZ and guests to join the meetings. We are looking forward to hearing your questions and having fruitful discussions which may lead to exciting new experiments at the ProVIS facility.

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Previous meetings:

  • HIGRADE course: Introduction to ProVIS
    Oct. 7 - Oct. 11 2019
    venue: bld. 4.0, room 101
  • Dr. Alberto Escuardo
    Leibnitz Institute of New Materials (INM), Saarbr├╝cken, Germany
    "Synthesis, properties and applications of monodisperse nanoparticles"
    Aug. 15 2019, 11am
    venue: bld. 4.0, library