Main publications from the Science-Policy Expert Group related to science-policy interfacing

Following our broad approach, we publish

  • scientific papers on Science-Policy-Interfacing,
  • scientific papers on related aspects,
  • interface products and reports from applied projects,
  • videos and presentations.

Relevant recent scientific papers on science-policy interfacing

(excerpt, see list of colleagues for their complete publications)

  • Nesshöver, C., T. Assmuth, K. Irvine, G. Rusch, K. A. Waylen, B. Delbaere, D. Haase, L. Jones-Walters, H. Keune, E. Kovacs, K. Krauze, M. Külvik, F. Rey, J. van Dijk, O. I. Vistad, M. Wilkinson & H. Wittmer (2017): The science, policy and practice of Nature-Based Solutions: an interdisciplinary perspective.- Science of The Total Environment.- in press – online early open access: doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.11.106
  • Special Issue in Biodiversity and Conservation 25(7): Networking Biodiversity Knowledge (edited by C.Neßhöver, Livoreil, B., Schindler, S. & Vandewalle, M.  (Link to all papers)
  • C.Neßhöver, Livoreil, B., Schindler, S. & Vandewalle, M. (2016): EDITORIAL - Challenges and solutions for networking knowledge holders and better informing decision-making on biodiversity and ecosystem services.- Biodiversity and Conservation 25(7): 1207-1214
  • Tremblay, M.*, Vandewalle, M.* & Wittmer, H. (2016). Ethical challenges at the science-policy interface: an ethical risk assessment and proposition of an ethical infrastructure. Biodiversity and Conservation 25(7)
  • Balian, E., Drius L., Eggermont, H., Livoreil. B., Vandewalle, M., Vandewoestjine, S., Wittmer, H. & Young, J. (2016). Supporting evidence-based policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services: recommendations for effective policy briefs. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research Debate and Practice 12(3):431-451
  • Heink, U., Marquard, E., Heubach, K., Jax, K., Kugel, C., Neßhöver, C., Neumann, R., Paulsch, A., Tilch, S., Timaeus, J. & Vandewalle, M. (2015): Conceptualizing credibility, relevance and legitimacy for evaluating the effectiveness of science-policy interfaces: challenges and opportunities. Science and Public Policy 42: 676-689 (in press, online)
  • Carmen, E., Neßhöver, C., Saarikoski, H., Vandewalle, M., Watt, A., Wittmer, H. & Young, J. (2015): Creating a biodiversity science community: Experiences from a European Network of Knowledge. Environmental Science & Policy 54: 497-504 (in press, online)
  • Sarkki, S., Tinch, R., Niemela, J., Heink, U., Waylen, K., Timaeus, J., Young, J., Watt, A., Neßhöver, C. & van den Hove, S. (2015): “CRELE+IT“: Adding ‘iterativity’ to the credibility, relevance, legitimacy – scheme to highlight dynamic aspects of science-policy interfaces. Environmental Science & Policy 54: 505-512 (in press, online)
  • Hauck, J., Görg, C., Werner, A., Jax, K., Bidoglio, G., Maes, J., Furman, E. & Ratamäki, O. (2014): Transdisciplinary enrichment of a linear research process: experiences gathered from a research project supporting the European biodiversity strategy to 2020. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 39: 379-95
  • Beck, S., Borie, M., Chilvers, J., Esguerra, A., Heubach, K., Hulme, M., Lidskog, R., Lövbrand, E., Marquard, E., Miller, C., Nadim, T., Neßhöver, C., Settele, J., Turnhout, E., Vasileiadou, E. & Görg, C. (2014): Towards a reflexive turn in the governance of global environmental expertise : the cases of the IPCC and the IPBES. GAIA 23(2): 80-87
  • Pe’er, G., McNeely, J.A., Dieterich, M., Jonsson, B.G., Selva, N., Fitzgerald, J.M. & Neßhöver, C. (2013): IPBES: Opportunities and Challenges for SCB and other learned societies. Conservation Biology 27: 1-3
  • Neßhöver, C., Timaeus, J., Wittmer,H., Krieg, A., Geamana, N., van den Hove, S., Young, J. & Watt, A. (2013): Improving the Science-Policy Interface of Biodiversity Research Projects. Gaia 22: 99-103 (open access)
  • Beck, S. (2013): Is the IPCC a learning organisation? In: ISSC / UNESCO (eds.): World Social Science Report 2013, Paris, 420-424
  • Beck, S. (2012): The challenges of building cosmopolitan climate expertise − with reference to Germany. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 3/1: 1-17
  • Hulme, M., Mahoney, M., Beck, S., Görg, C., Hansjürgens, B., Hauck, J., Neßhöver, C., Paulsch, A., Vandewalle, M., Wittmer, H., Böschen, S., Bridgewater, P., Diaw, M.C., Fabre, P.; Figueroa, A., Heong, K.L., Korn, H., Leemans, R., Lövbrand, E., Hamid, M.N., Monfreda, C., Pielke Jr., R., Settele, J., Winter, M., Vadrot, A.B.M., van den Hove, S. & van der Sluijs, J.P. (2011): Science-Policy Interface: Beyond Assessments. Science 333: 697-698
  • Beck, S. (2011): Moving Beyond the Linear Model of Expertise? IPCC and the Test of Adaptation. Regional Environmental Change 2: 297-306
  • Ring, I., Hansjürgens, B., Elmqvist, T., Wittmer, H. & Sukhdev, P. (2010): Challenges in Framing the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: The TEEB Initiative. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2: 15-26
  • Görg, C., Neßhöver, C. & Paulsch, A. (2010): A new link between biodiversity science and policy. Gaia − Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society 19: 183-186

Scientific papers on related aspects

(excerpt, see list of colleagues for their complete publications)

  • Neßhöver, C., Prip, C. & Wittmer, H. (2015): Biodiversity governance – A global perspective from the Convention on Biological Diversity. in: Gasparatos, A. & Willis, K.J. (editors): Biodiversity in the Green Economy. Taylor & Francis, London: 289-308
  • Albert, C., Hauck, J., Buhr, N. & von Haaren, C. (2014): What ecosystem services information do users want? Investigating interests and requirements among landscape and regional planners in Germany. Landscape Ecology 39: 1301-1313
  • Priess, J.A. &  Hauck, J. (2014): Integrative scenario development. Ecology and Society 19 (1): 12. (online)
  • Hauck, J., Schweppe-Kraft, B., Albert, C., Görg, C., Jax, K., Jensen, R., Fürst, C., Maes, J., Ring, I., Hönigová, I., Burkhardt, B., Mehring, M., Tiefenbach, M., Grunewald, K., Schwarzer, M., Meurer, , Sommerhäuser, M., Priess, J., Schmidt, J. & Grêt-Regamey, A. (2013): The promise of the ecosystem services concept for planning and decision-making. GAIA 22 (4): 232-236
  • Maes, J., Hauck, J., Paracchini, M.L., Ratamäki, O., Hutchins, M., Termansen, M., Furman, E., Pérez-Soba, M. & Braat, L. (2013): Mainstreaming ecosystem services into EU policy. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5 (1): 128 – 134
  • Albert, C., Görg, C., Neßhöver, C., Wittmer, H. & Hinzmann, M. (2014): Ökosysteme und ihre Leistungen für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Sondierungsstudie für ein naitonales Assessment in Deutschland. Technikfolgenabschätzung Theorie und Praxis 23 (1): 54-58
  • Griewald, Y. & Rauschmayer, F. (2014): Exploring an environmental conflict from a capability perspective. Ecological Economics 100: 30-39, doi:
  • Honey-Rosés, J., Menestrel, M., Arenas, D., Rauschmayer, F. & Rode, J. (2014): Enriching Intergenerational Decision-Making with Guided Visualization Exercises. Journal of Business Ethics 122: 675-680, doi: 10.1007/s10551-013-1786-z
  • Jolibert, C., Paavola, J. & Rauschmayer, F. (2014): Addressing Needs in the Search for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for Needs-Based Scenario Building. Environmental Values 23: 29-50, doi: 10.3197/096327114x13851122269007
  • Jax, K., Barton, D.N., Chan, K.M.A., de Groot, R., Doyle, U., Eser, U., Görg, C., Gómez-Baggethun, E., Griewald, Y., Haber, W., Haines-Young, R., Heink, U., Jahn, T., Joosten, H., Kerschbaumer, L., Korn, H., Luck, G.W., Matzdorf, B., Muraca, B., Neßhöver, C., Norton, B., Ott, K., Potschin, M., Rauschmayer, F., von Haaren, C. & Wichmann, S. (2013): Ecosystem services and ethics. Ecological Economics 93: 260-268
  • Hauck, J., Görg, C., Varjopuro, R., Ratamäki, O., Maes, J., Wittmer, H. & Jax, K. (2013). "Maps have an air of authority": Potential benefits and challenges of ecosystem service maps at different levels of decision making. Ecosystem Services 4 (1): 25-32
  • Hauck, J., Görg, C., Varjopuro, R., Ratamäki, O. & Jax, K. (2013). Benefits and limitations of the ecosystem services concept in environmental policy and decision making: Some stakeholder perspectives. Environmental Science & Policy 25 (1): 13-21
  • Falaleeva, M., Rauschmayer, F. (2013): Positive evaluations might not last for long – on outcomes and processes of a World Bank biodiversity project in a post-communist country. Environmental Conservation 40: 147-156, doi: 10.1017/S0376892913000027
  • Rauschmayer, F. & Omann, I. (2012): Transition to Sustainability: Not Only Big, But Deep. GAIA 21: 266-268
  • Maestre Andrés, S., Calvet Mir, L., van den Bergh, J.C.J.M., Ring, I. & Verburg, P.H. (2012): Ineffective Biodiversity Policy due to Five Rebound Effects. Ecosystem Services 1: 101-110
  • Paloniemi, R., Apostolopoulou, E., Primmer, E., Grodzinska-Jurczak, M., Henle, K., Ring, I., Kettunen, M., Tzanopoulos, J., Potts, S.G., van den Hove, S., Marty, P., McConville, A. & Similä, J. (2012): Biodiversity conservation across scales: lessons from a science–policy dialogue. Nature Conservation 2: 7-19
  • Santos, R., Ring, I., Antunes, P. & Clemente, P. (2012): Fiscal transfers for biodiversity conservation: the Portuguese Local Finances Law. Land use policy 29: 261-273
  • Jolibert, C., Max-Neef, M., Rauschmayer, F. & Paavola, J. (2011): Should we care about the needs of nonhumans? Needs assessment: a tool for environmental conflict resolution and sustainable organization of living beings. Environmental Policy and Governance 21: 259-269, doi: 10.1002/eet.578.
  • Rauschmayer, F., van den Hove, S. & Koetz, T. (2009): Participation in EU biodiversity governance: How far beyond rhetoric? Environment and Planning C 27/1: 42-58, doi: 10.1068/c0703j

Interface products and consultation reports 


  • G7-Elmau Report (2015): Biodiversity – a vital foundation for sustainable development, Report
  • Reports on IPBES: find the reports and analyses on IPBES (mostly in German) from the groups NeFo-Team at
  • KNEU project Team (2014): A recommended design for "BiodiversityKnowledge", a Network of Knowledge to support decision making on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe (2014), available online, video explanation
  • SPIRAL Project TEAM (2013): SPIRAL Briefs: Policy Briefs of the SPIRAL project on many aspects of science-policy interfaces
  • Klenke, R.A., Ring, I., Kranz, A., Jepsen, N., Rauschmayer, F. & Henle, K. (Eds.) (2013): Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Europe – Fisheries and Fish-eating Vertebrates as a Model Case. Springer, Heidelberg, 347 p.
  • TEEB Reports (available via
    o TEEB for National and International Policy (2009)
    o TEEB for Local and Regional Policy (2010)
    o TEEB Synthesis (2010)
    o TEEB Implementation Guides for the Aichi Targets 2,3 and 11 (2013)
    o TEEB Guidance Manual (2013)
  • Ring, I. & Schröter-Schlaack, C. (Eds.) (2011): Instrument Mixes for Biodiversity Policies. POLICYMIX Report No. 2/2011. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, 208 p., available as open access
  • Maes, J., Teller, A., Erhard, M., Liquete, C., Braat, L., Berry, P., Egoh, B., Puydarrieux, P., Fiorina , C., Santos, F., Paracchini, M.L., Keune, H., Wittmer, H., Hauck, J., Fiala, I., Verburg, P.H., Condé, S., Schägner, J.P., San Miguel, J., Estreguil, C., Ostermann, O., Barredo, J.I., Pereira, H.M., Stott, A., Laporte, V., Meiner, A., Olah, B., Royo Gelabert, E., Spyropoulou, R., Petersen, J.E., Maguire, C., Zal, N., Achilleos, E., Rubin, A., Ledoux, L., Brown, C., Raes, C., Jacobs, S., Vandewalle, M., Connor, D. & Bidoglio, G. (2013): Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services. An analytical framework for ecosystem assessments under action 5 of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020. Publications office of the European Union, Luxembourg